im tired
im tired stories

09galazyfoxa yee yee, am i weird? YES!!
Autoplay OFF  •  14 days ago

im tired

not mentaly........this time...

im in bed have nothing to do and im out of story ideas guys HELP i want to star posing 1 story every night but i need ideas you can chat me or comment just pleas help me

i also want to start reading you guys's work so comment your favorie paice and who its by and ill read it!

or comment yoour favorite author and ill check them out or comment your self and ill look at your page >.<

but yeah i want to try to get the bronze comma or the frequent reader or skilled writer!!!!!!

then work my way up the charts.

and hey i know i seem up set a lot nut im really actulay really bubbley irl

so yeah bye now and dont forget to comment!!!!!

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