Sweet Dreams are made of this...
Sweet Dreams are made of this... horror stories

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What if dreams would become reality ?

Sweet Dreams are made of this...

I went to bed early this evening, gosh i didnt even eat anything, ive already lost about 10 pounds because i just forget to eat.

Just like every night i pray that the lord will come and take me with him but that usually never works, it just works in the movies.

I fell asleep shortly after,

i knew i started to dream cause every time that happens i fall in this black pit of complete nothing but my dream was interrupted by a screeching sound coming from the kitchen below my room.

At first i thought somebody must have stepped on the dogs tail again but the noise became louder and louder so like in every bad horror movie i snuck downstairs to see what was going on and

just as i was turning into the direction of the kitchen all the lights went off and i heard a loud banging noise coming out of the garage.

I was terrified and i didnt know what to do, i ran across the room to find some kind of shelter but the last thing i remembered was an aching pain in my head.

Then i actually woke up and quickly went downstairs but noone was there.

I assumed my family walked the dog as also the car was missing.

I made myself a bowl of cherrios and sat down on the couch and watched TV for about 1 and a half hours before questioning where they might have went but i didnt worry to much because they

always went away without telling. So i went upstairs again and finished my homework for the weekend and watched some porn afterwards to relax.

Then i thought it couldnt get any better if i am ow going to roll myself a blunt and just think about the world while smoking grandpas herbs.

That shit really kicked in fast and i started to remember the deam i had last night after i decided to go to bed.

I thought to myself "why do we wake up in dreams but we dont realise we are still inside of the dream" but i didnt think of that any longer but the banging noise which came out of the garage

was now stuck in my head, it sounded like hitting an 90 mph fastball as hard as you can.

And i dont know why but i made my way donwstairs, my legas felt like they were going to give out any second, i started to shake and i felt really uncomfortable.

I slowly made my way to the garage door and opened it. i was shook and i thought i was dreaming again, just like you would imagine it a freezer stood in the middle of the garage.

i slowly inspected the freezer and i started to open it. But as i opened it wide enough to see what was inside i realised there was nothing in there.

Now i heard that screeching again but this time coming from the attic above our garage.

I was so scared that i ran inside of the house again but i tripped over the kitchen chairs and hit my head badly. Suddenly im in my bed again but sometings wrong.

I dont know how but im blindfolded and i start to get panic and i scream for help but i realise quickly my hands are bound to the post of my bed.

Then i hear steps coming closer and closer until my door opens.

A dark and raspy voice whispers "If you ever think dreams dont have an effect on the so called real life youre wrong my lovely boy".

I wanted to ask who he or it was but i felt like somebody ripped my vocal box out. Then i feel somebody untying my blindfold and i start to see that my whole family is dead.

They got ripped into pieces and were hung up in my room like pinatas for a birthday,

i jst started to scream and i started to hit my head so i would fall asleep again and wake up out of this dream im in but nothing works, it i always the same image.

I have to get out of here but i am tied to my bed. i start to pull on my handcuffs but they are too strong.

I start to cry continuesly because what if this is all real but all of the sudden i hear a gun getting loaded i scream for my life but i can hear the bang and from here on it all fades to black.

I wake up and i think im finally out of this loophole of dreams but then i here that screeching sound again and wonde rit comes from...

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