That night I was drunk
That night I was drunk love stories

04h27 Words of my twisted mind.
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All I wanted to tell you the nights I was too drunk.

That night I was drunk

by 04h27

It is warm inside,

It is cold under the moon

But in your arms it's perfect.

It is soft.

It is comfy.

There is all this peace in you

And for me,

The fire.

The sky flash of lightning as my thoughts.

You are clearer.

You are there, in front of me.

You dance,

You look at me,

And you smile to me.

It's what I like the most about you:

Your smile.

There are outside unstable shadows as your lips on my skin

There are the blue and the sky of my spirit

And also the black asphalt there.

And your eyes, your voice

Your voice.

No matters where,

I hear it and I am at my home.

My home it's you.

It's you

It's you.

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