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04h27Words of my twisted mind.
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Long story about the drowning feeling.

Nov 10, 00:54

by 04h27

How can you be beings so empty

and so filled quite at the same time ?

How does it make that I can perceive

The meanders of your eyes

Salted in your empty looks ?

Where are the poets ?

Where are the murderers of the pure reason ?

Can't we just follow the heart?

And did the scarlet roses all faded ?

There are things which cannot be ignored.

The frosty rain of January

The sticky hands at the exit of the ice-cream maker

The dirty hair of hot summer nights

The sadness of holidays

Love in the look of the desperate persons.

All this is meaningless or supposed to bring the light.

To make the night shine again.

It is black and invisible

And it blinds us but, not deaf us.


Not deaf.

And we hear everything about colors of your days

When the twilight floods you.

We know everything of this space which falls to you

Which submerges you.

Of this narrow and dirty empty space.

We know everything of this space which filled our bodies

Of the ignorance of things.

And all that we know

It is that we ignore everything of this space

Which floods us

Night after night.

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
This was written from a single point of view. It opened a window into the soul of a desperate sufferer. Great job!!!!