French poem.

04h27Words of my twisted mind.
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Short poem french version

French poem.

by 04h27

Mon Amour,

My Love,

Il n'y a plus ton odeur dans le lit

There isn't your smell in the bed anymore

Il n'y a plus ton souffle dans la nuit.

There isn't your breath at night anymore.

Elle a lavé les draps

She washed the sheets

Tu n'es pas là ce soir.

You are not there tonight.

Mon Amour,

My Love,

Il n'y a plus tes affaires qui traînent partout

There is no more of your things dawdling everywhere

Je ne sens plus ton souffle dans mon cou.

I don't feel your breath in my neck anymore.

Je suis trop loin de toi

I'm too far from you

Cette nuit il fera bien trop noir.

This night will be too dark.

Mon Amour,

My Love,

Il y a toujours ton regard sous mes paupières

There is still your look under my eyelids

J'imagine ma mains sur tes lèvres pour te faire taire.

I imagine my hands on your lips to silence you.

C'est la plus belle des musiques

It is the most beautiful musics

Ne t'arrête pas de boire.

Never stop drinking.

Mon Amour,

My Love,

Je ne pense qu'à toi depuis le soleil jusqu'aux étoiles

I think only about you from the sun to the stars

Tu te détaches de l'arrière plan de ma vie si pâle.

You get loose from the background of my so pale life.

Lorsque mon coeur devient hérétique

When my heart becomes heretical

Je t'aime à n'en plus pouvoir.

I love you without retained anymore.

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04h27Words of my twisted mind.
8 months ago
This is how much your life is absurd, sorry.

04h27Words of my twisted mind.
6 months ago
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04h27Words of my twisted mind.
3 months ago
To someone I know

04h27Words of my twisted mind.
9 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil It is really sweet to you, thanks :) Actually I am french so english is still a learning process for me even if I am 18 now. But thank you for everything you said.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
This was exquisitely melancholy. It takes me back to my university days. The pangs of loneliness mixed with the sweet thoughts of the absent love. I think we can all identify with this beautifully written poem. Sometimes, here and there, you make a samll English grammar mistake. Don't change that. I think that it is utterly ncharming. Great poem!!!