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Everyone has an ideal girl in mind, no? I suppose this is mine.


If I were to picture A woman for me She’ll have fair skin And endless beauty

Her hair short in length Pitch black like charcoal Eyes dark brown With an adventurous soul

We’ll stay up all night Until the rising dawn Planning future destinations To places we fawn

And if she teases me so Enticing me with open arms I dare not say no I’ll caress her every curves

There will be long days In which we don’t talk When she’s working and I’m home So I’ll think of her during a walk

She’ll have her bad days And complain with a pout About her blemishes and stretch marks While pointing them out

I’ll remind her of how All her natural imperfections Aren’t displeasing to see Because she is perfection According to me

When hard times approach We’ll struggle and argue About insignificant topics “About me” and “about you”

But amidst all the blame Deep shots that have been fired We’ll be wounded the same Feeling guilt while tired

She’ll probably end up Crying in silence So with all my love I’ll comfort her tenderly

We’ll talk things through As we wholeheartedly apologize While sheepishly laughing with tears in our eyes

And then we will compromise Reset and restart With honesty no lies Because we speak with our heart

If I were to picture A woman for me She will be earnest and impish By personality

She will try to stand strong Because she is thoughtful And she’ll correct me when wrong Because she has knowledge

But I don’t want just any woman

I’ll pass on the artificial girls With silicone parts Who’s into the in-style trends Whilst breaking hearts

With much apologies Those girls are not for me So with kind respect I leave them be

I understand Artificial beauty And though it may be stunning Personally It’s of my distaste

I prefer the girls With a pleasant aura Who don’t think they run the world Because they prefer peaceful solitude

The girls who dress casual Like cardigan with sundress Paired with a straw ribboned hat Not here to dress-to-impress Or to flaunt-to-attract

She is the one The one I constantly dream of Her make-up faint Her touch and scent soft

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