Day and Night

Day and Night

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029360 Conveying thoughts onto digital paper.
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A quick story with rushed illustration.

Day and Night

Day fell in-love with the world Night created.

But unfortunately for Day, Day could not view all of Night’s mysterious creations.

Night, on the other hand, fell in-love with Day’s world.

During morning hours, Night will open their eyes only to immediately shut them due to Day’s intense shine, so Night sleeps instead.

Since Day found Night’s world enchanting, Day sent Night a gift. A single butterfly.

But the butterfly preferred Day’s world. As much as it wanted to flutter back to Day it did not want to disappoint, so it went on.

Eventually, the butterfly made it to Night, and Night held it delicately.

Only... the butterfly looked odd for it had turned into a moth in order to crossover.

Night, gracious for Day’s gift collected them one-by-one.

Until one dark moonlit night, Night filled the black skies with them and watched them flutter away.

“How beautiful,” Night whispers with a smile, “Now my world has butterflies.”

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