All These Options (A Poem)

All These Options
(A Poem)

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I would rather carry on with the hard road.

All These Options (A Poem)

Oh how time flies by Without thinking much In a blink of an eye You stood by my side

You weren’t there before With your warm presence Always opening the door For me constantly

I wasn’t searching Or yearning for such things With many others lurking My options sprawled out

I could have chosen anyone From semi-well-off To damn rich and wealthy Because they all want love

Instead I chose you To settle down with As you try to find stable footing With a lot of payments due

They kept talking about The money they held Waving it at others snout Rambling on about themselves

It was never about wealth But they all thought it was Intrigued by such quiet stealth Telling me they’ll cherish

How are you to cherish If you think showering me with Gifts that’ll eventually perish Shows me your devotion?

I am not seeking for Materialistic items I would rather work hard Than freeload from the bottom

So I settled down with you Your personality my sun Your skies always vivid blue Even during struggling times

You aren’t my entire world And you aren’t my everything But you hold a fragile chunk And that means something

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