03:00 AM Body Language

                                                 03:00 AM
                                     Body Language

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The hour between midnight and early dawn.

03:00 AM Body Language

Our fingers intertwine as we envelope one another in long sweet kisses over soft cotton sheets.

His tongue tracing down my neckline and stopping at my thick collarbone as he sinks his teeth in while pressing up against.

Biting me.

Teasing me.

Under the moonlight’s blue hue with a tinge of salt lingering on his tastebuds.

I run my fingertips up his back gingerly, making sure the hairs on his naked body stood tall so he’ll embrace me harder.

He leans in for a passion-filled kiss but I playfully deny him, and he can’t help but play the game back.

We wrestle,

We wrestle, laugh,

We wrestle, laugh, and then we tauntingly bite each other.

Every touch tantalizing and rocky.

His calloused hands wrap around my waistline, forcing my arched lower body to collide with his.

Warm flesh hugging him tight as he makes continuous thrusts under the three-in-the-morning dewy moonlight seeping through the window shades.

Our breathing shaggy and body in-tune.

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