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Too many times do we forget to be thankful for the small things in life as it zips by. It is also, always, a good idea to take notice of such moments (plus, these are pictures from a date night).

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It’s the little things.

The little things we all take for granted.

The small, breadcrumb-like things we normally do together.

Like going out to eat. In this case, dinner.

The tiny things like working long shifts and not having time to cook at home, so you go out.

It’s another night of eating out. You are both tired.

It is the tiniest of things that we forget to acknowledge through usual repetitiveness. Like the short conversations that jumble out from our mouths as we get ready to feast as the food arrives.

It’s the all-too-comfortable feeling of knowing each other’s presence brings a sense of ease into the setting of strangers.

Like agreeing to go and watch a late night movie that supposedly airs at 10:20 PM but ends around 1:40 AM.

...and slamming down three tall beers, some Jack with coke, and a cherry lemonade sangria after having not drank for a long while.

It is the small things bundled up together that make it a big thing.

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