Danielle in: Living On Earth pt.1
Danielle in: Living On Earth pt.1 stories

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This is a story I have written myself.

Danielle in: Living On Earth pt.1

By: Starlight Rose (Cringe warning)

Chapter 1.

“You’d think that after living on a foreign planet for a year and a half that they would finally be used to you.” I said. “Yeah. But there is still good news.” Starlight said. “Yeah. You have become famous on Social Media.” Sophia said “And you've been on 50 different Talk shows.” I-

looked down. “Sorry guys.. I guess I’m just not feeling like myself today.” “Do you mind if I- “Nah. Probably just the effects of all the hits I've had.” “Come on! You know I worry about this stuff.” “I’m telling you it's nothing!” I-

shouted. “Dude now we know somethings up.” Scarlet said “No I told you I'm fine!” I was getting a little too annoyed from them. “Come on we just wanna help.” Sophia said. “I just need some alone time. That's all.” I teleported outsi-

de. Someone was waiting for me. I looked at him for a minute. He actually looks cute. Short brown hair about shoulder length long dangling around his neck he has brown eyes and a cute look. When he looks at you it's almost like staring into an abyss. "Hey." He said. "Hi..." I shook it off. "Hey I'm-"

"Danielle." "Should I even ask?" --------------------------------------- My name is Kila. Short for Killer. Don't ask me. I spy on Danielle to find her weakness. Haven't found it yet. ---------------------------------------

When we shook hands there was some burning sensation in my hand I pulled away. “OW!” "Are you ok?" “Yeah i’m fine just a slight burn. Nothing to worry about.” "You sure that looks like it hurts."

“I’m fine ok. Come on let's walk.” As we walked past a bush I shot it a dirty look. ------------------------------------- Man I hate that girl. So if she pulled away. . . Steel. ------------------------------------- "What are you looking at?" "Hm? Oh nothing just thought I saw something." ------------------------------------- Man. Boss will be so proud of-

me. I waited until they were out of sight. I teleported away "Ooh BOOOOOOSSSSSS!” I said in a sing song voice. “UgH! WHaT iS It NoW!?” She hissed at me with a groggily tone. “I know her weakness!” “WhO’s WeaKneSs?”

“Dan-” “WHaT Is IT!?” “Steel.” I said holding my head up high with a fist to my chest. “yOu WiLl be RewArdeD foR thIs KilLeR.” It was a silent moment…. “WeLL? WhAt ARe YOU WaItiNG FoR AN InvITATION!? GeT To WoRk!” I ran into my lab as I-

began to build up a steel and metal cage just for Danielle. It has no bars but walls that can be seen though. “AHA! Boss is going to be soo proud of me for figuring this out! HAHA! Alone too. She thinks she’s in control but nooo, nooo. I’m the one pulling my puppet by the strings! AHAAHA!”

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