Polly Diggory Part 10
Polly Diggory Part 10 harry potter stories

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No pictures this time, because I don't want to waste a lot of time.

Polly Diggory Part 10

I'm standing behind the door to the Gryffindor common room, pondering everything. I knock on the door. I'm surprised to see Harmony opening the door.

"Hello! Who're you?" she asks.

"I'm Polly Diggory." I concur.

She yells back to Ron and Harry, talking about things.

"Oi! Someones here for you!" she hollers.

Ron stands up and walks to me.

"Who are you?" he asks. I can see Harry facepalm in the background.

"You seriously don't remember me?" I contemplate.

"You kinda look like... bloody hell, are you Cedric Diggory?!" he asks loudly.

Harry facepalms again.

"Close, Ron, Close." Harry hollers.

"Are you a descendant of Cedric?" He looked up and down at me.

"Yes Mate! So close!" Harry laughs.

Ron squints at me.

"Hermione!" he yells.

Hermione, who is holding a cat, walks into the door frame.

"Do you know who this is?" He asks.

"She's Polly Diggory, you met her today and last summer. She's the Beastie Dig-" she stops short.

"I wanted to know if you had any spare parchment? Hufflepuff's out completely." I hide the pain of the nicknames.

"Oh yeah sure." Hermione disappears for a moment, then comes back with a stack of parchment.

"That'll be fifteen galleons please." a voice says.

I fumble for some change, when the voice reveals himself. Or, themselves.

"C'mon, we don't have all day!" Fred Weasley demands.

He extends his hand for the money.

"I only have five." I say.

"Well, then you're in debt to us." George Weasley says.

"As if." I scoff.

"Aw, you Hufflepuffs. Never seeing the real world. You almost died today because of your kindness." I recognize that voice. I spin around to find Draco Malfoy, walking to me.

"Hey, that's not nice. Why are you even here? It's 6:00 PM." Hermione shoves the paper to my chest.

"We'll deal with this Polly." Ron says, taking out his wand.

I hold my wand up to Malfoy's neck.

"Poppy, Now!" I yell.

A Bowtruckle I found outside the day before pounced on Malfoys nose. A look of surprise strikes the Gryffindor's faces.

"Gah! It's a bloody leaf! It's going to eat me!" Malfoy screams.

The Gryffindors are laughing so hard their faces are red.

"It's 8 inches long!" Hermione laughs.

"Poppy come back!" I yell. Poppy jumps on my hand and blows a raspberry at Malfoy.

"My father will hear about this!" He runs off.

"Pol, you've been here twenty minutes, what about the parchment?" My brother asks while he's walking down the hall.

"Debt paid. Enjoy your evening." Fred and George shut the door.

"I set a Bowtruckle on Malfoy." I laugh.

Cedric laughs along with me as we walk back to Hufflepuff's common room, while I tell him every detail.

"Voila, Paper!" I barge in the door.

The entire room claps to my victory.

"Great job Beater!" Zachariah Smith laughs.

"You'll never believe what she did!" Cedric exclaims.

I explain the entire story to everyone. Laughter interrupts in the middle.

"And then I sent this little guy on him." I hold Poppy up to the crowd.

"What in the world is that?" A first year yells in disgust.

"Let me guess, he said-" Zachariah gets cut off by a knock.

I stand up, and walk to the door. I twist the doorknob and open the cedar wood doors to find Harmony and Neville, along with Fred and George staring at me.

"Hello." Neville greets.

"Hi." I reply.

"How are you?" Fred asks.

"Good. what do you want?" I glare.

"We want to know where Hermione's report is for the care of magical creatures-" I cut George off.

"Okay, well, I have no idea. You think it's in here? Because it's not." I scoff.

"Well, someone was obviously put in the wrong house. I think you belong in Slytherin, like me." Crabbe yells from the corridor.

"You take that back! You take that back from my sister!" Cedric runs to the door to see if he could catch him. Zachariah holds him back from the door.

"Wow, having your idiot, dumb big brother defend you must be embarrassing Beastie Diggory." Malfoy yells.

"You take it back! You take it back!" Cedric yells.

"At least I'm not a lowlife Slytherin Seeker like you, in my third year and I'm a Beater already. No offense Ethan." I boast.

"None taken. Good one." Ethan laughs.

"Oh you bloody Mudblood." Malfoy stomps into the room.

"Turns out, I'm a Pureblood too." I smirk.

"You really are a Slytherin. Come with us then." Goyle smiles.

"No way in hell." I reply.

"C'mon, we don't need to talk to these idiots." Malfoy walks back in the hallway, clearly offended.

I suddenly see my brother running towards me and giving me a hug. Everyone aws.

"I need air!" I yell.

"Guys! I found it!" Hermione yells from the hall.

"And I guess that concludes our visit, bye!" Harmony smiles.

The Gryffindors walk out of the room. I close the door, still stuck in Cedric arms.

"I'm about to die Cedric, do you want my last words to be your nickname dad called you when you were eight?" I bluff.

Cedric throws his arms up and walks to the couches.

"It was Ceddy." I laugh.

"Aw, come on Polly." Cedric chuckles.

"I think we should go to bed now, it's 9:00 and we have school tomorrow." The head boy says.

"Well, might as well call it a night." I chuckle.


"Now, stroke the spine carefully." Hagrid said.

I stroke The Care of Magical Creatures carefully, trying not to get bitten. It's actually pretty soft. One look over at Neville and the book attacks him within one second.

"You've got to stroke the spine." I help him off the grass.

"Thanks, I'll take your word for it." he strokes the book.

"Okay, does anybody know what this is?" Hagirid asked.

My eyes go wide. In front of me, I see the most magnificent creature. A Hippogriff.

"Hippogriff! It's a Hippogriff!" I blurt.

Noticing what I said, I cover my mouth immediately.

"Very good Polly. this is Buckbeak." Hagrid smiles.

"All I see is a bloody chicken. What's the wonder in that?" Malfoy smirks.

"No one cares, Malfoy." Hermione says sternly.

"And you yell at me for calling her Beastie Diggory when you call her that all the time at breakfast. Oi Beastie!" Malfoy yells.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Is it true that you're a Pureblood?"


"See? She practically is a Slytherin. She belongs here. Right Polly?" Malfoy leans.

Before I can even spit out a word, Hagrid yells "Enough!".

"Who wants to try talking to him? Eh..." Hagrid points at me.

"Polly! Get up here!" he smiles.

I can't help but smile. I'm actually next to a Hippogriff!

"Now, you-"

"Bow to him?" I cut him off.

"Y-yes." Hagrid says.

I take a bow. Buckbeak bows back, gracefully lowering his head.

"Now, you can get closer to him." Hagrid says in awe.

I step closer to the beautiful bird. I hold my hand out to his beak. He lets me pet him.

"Hello Buckbeak." I mumble.

"Now, you can ride him!" Hagrid picks me up and sets me on the bird before I can even speak.

"Go on Beaky!" Hagrid slaps Buckbeak's bottom and now I'm flying in the sky.

"Hope you fall off!" Pansy Parkinson hollers.

I look over at the castle where I live, and spot my brother. He's looking out the window, probably bored out of his mind. He spots me, and his eyes are wide.

I'm whooping and throwing my arms in the air.

"Yeah!" I whooped.

He started to turn around, back to Hagrid. I can see the faces of my peers, some in awe and others out of their minds mad. Once we land, Harry Potter is standing in line to ride Buckbeak.

"Very good Polly! Get down now." Hagrid laughs.

I slip off the Hippogriff and pet him once more. I walk back to the cluster of Hufflepuffs.

"Great job!" they whisper.

I give them a thumbs up.

"Oh please you filthy Diggory! I'll show you how to ride one of these things!" Malfoy stomps over to me.

"It's not my fault! I-"

"Miss Diggory? Professor Dumbledore would like to see you." Professor McGonagall appears out of nowhere.

"Yes Professor." I mumble.

I really messed up this time. Dang it!


"Yes sir?" I stare at the floor.

"Ah, miss Diggory, how lovely to-" I cut him off.

"Is it because I set a Bowtruckle on Draco Malfoy?! Am I paying too much attention to Beasts and not enough on homework?!" I yell.

"No no! This hasn't anything to do with Mister Malfoy. I wanted to give you something." He smiles.

I look up at him in awe. He walks behind his desk and pulls out a purple bag and hands it to me.

"This belonged to a student of mine. He was in your house." Dumbledore chuckles.

I open the bag carefully. The next thing I know, a small, platypus like creature jumps out on me.

"A Niffler?! How did-" I ask in disbelief.

"Only Magic will tell." He smiles.

The creature tries to steal the necklace on my neck but I know exactly what to do. I pull the back of it's tail and it hops back into the bag.

"Close it before any others get out!" He bellows.

"Yes sir." I swish the drawstring bag behind me.

" You have a very bright future with beasts ahead of you Miss Diggory."

"Goodbye Professor! Thank you!" I ran out of the room to the Great Hall.

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