What sings I think fit HP characters
What sings I think fit HP characters playlist stories
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011eggos i would like to try some exotic almonds
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I'm so tired.

What sings I think fit HP characters

Harry Potter- House of Memories *Parents died broo*

Hermione Granger- Teeth *Punches Malfoy in Norwegian*

Ron Weasley- Circles *If there was a song called chicken I would've chosen it ngl*

Draco Malfoy- Daddy Issues *Because he does thoooo*

Cedric Diggory- Are you bored yet? *Definition of Hufflepuff house*

Neville Longbottom- Dandelions *IT MATCHES HIM SO WELL*

Polly Diggory- Ophelia *IT'S A VIBE*

Luna Lovegood- Pulaski at Night *FIDDLEZ* *this gif matches up with it SO WELL*

Fred Weasley- Hey there Delilah *Because yess*

George Weasley- Maniac *Winkles*

Molly Weasley- Sunflower *SHE IS THO*

Arthur Weasley- Golden *He lost his Sunday shoes*

Ginny Weasley- Hayloft *I mean, cheated on her boyfriend!*

Bellatrix Lestrange- Bubblegum Bitch *Relativity close dude!*

Voldemort- Blood // Water *I feel like people wouldn't like to see a nose less man looking up and down like a snake so here*

Narssica Malfoy- rue *Her hair is FIRE*

Sirius Black- Heather *WHY WOULDN'T LUPIN KISS HIM?!*

Remus Lupin- Therefore I am *T-T*

Nymphadora Tonks- Bang! *Hufflepuff*

Severus Snape- Coping *BUT HE IS*

This is going to be a mouthful

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore- Before you go *Idk y*

Minerva McGonagall- We are Young

Seamus Finnigan- wish you were gay *#Deamus*

Dean Thomas- I wanna be your girlfriend *He does*

Newton Scamander- Deviltown *jUsT a SmIdGe*

Jacob Kowalski- Green *Prestigious*

That's all, hope you enjoyed!

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