Turning Trouble
Turning Trouble trouble stories
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011eggos 🔥Child of Hephaestus. Watch out Percy🔥
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listened to drivers license while making this, got a weird vibe. Also dedicated to @rowan_boi. Praying for your sleep.

Turning Trouble

I lie in bed, listening to the rain

Wondering about him

if he's still there

The most beautiful man I've laid eyes on

His smile,

His smile, his brown eyes

His knack for trouble

Tossing and Turning

The trouble of sleep

How could he be so okay?

I'm gone.

has he had trouble finding someone else?

Is it

Is it troublesome finding the one?

Now it's the day after

I open my umbrella

breathing in the dew

I can't be okay, seeing him tossing and turning

He's trouble.

yes, i'm still obsessed with rain. It stopped, now I'm REALLY sad. This was meant to be calming. Here for you people who don't get sleep. -***Moony***

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