The story of Moony
The story of Moony my life stories

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My life in shellnut

The story of Moony

So, Let's get started.

On April 1st (I'm not telling you when), My parents had a child shooting out of... Anyway, fast-forward to me moving to Texas, then to Arkansas, then Wisconsin.

I met two girls (Gred) and Alice. Alice... We don't talk about Alice.

Anywho, I started noticing that I got sidetracked a lot. This was three years ago. My mother told me I probably have ADHD. which I thought was super cool until the next year. I could not stop fidgeting with anything I could get my hands on. The desk lining, a loose thread, my hair. My peers thought this was annoying, and Alice started being rude to me, like judging my weight and shit.

I noticed I got interested in many different things, such as outside. Exhibit A: Yesterday I was taking a test, and after the test was done my teacher asked me if I wanted to play on my phone, or just do anything other than sit there. I said, and I quote: "No thanks, I prefer staring outside at the imperfect houses than drawing something."

Exhibit B: I just spoke about yesterday in one full slide. Back to life, My friends were like "Moony, you're such a cinnamon roll." "Get some fighting skills." Etc. So that's exactly what I did.

After this whole COVID thing started, I felt more depressed so that was great. in January I started here on Commaful acting like a joke so that was awesome.

This is long, bye. Your rain obsessed pal, ~***Moony***

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