Q&A PT.2 (FT. Multifandom because my egg carton drum set brokeT-T)
Q&A PT.2 (FT. Multifandom because my egg carton drum set brokeT-T) multifandom stories

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Q&A PT.2!!!

Q&A PT.2 (FT. Multifandom because my egg carton drum set brokeT-T)

Okay, so, the majority of these questions are in Hangouts chats so...


What shows do you watch? I think that's pretty self explanatory...

Very, Very, VERY self explanatory

What's your favorite Harry Potter movie? oooof

5th and 4th because I mean... THE QUIDDITCH WAS AWESOME LIKE OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOO- (Can I mention I love this ship?)

-Anyway, I'm calm now

What Artists in music do you like? Cavetown, Conan Gray, Chloe Moriando, Melanie Martinez, Billie Ellish, UVERworld.

UVERworld is the only J-pop band that I will literally start drumming to when I'm learning Fractions. (It's your fault Ray)

Do you SIMP? *inhale*

No. I don't.

Do you have Tiktok? Nope! (YEET)

Do you like Mashed Potatoes? Yes. Why would someone not like mashed potatoes?

Who do you ship in any fandom? I knew I was going to be asked this question when I opened the groupchat...

Here are some: (Please don't hate, just dislike) Here's BNHA: Todomomo, Kamijiro, *Squeaky voice* Bakudeku, Kirimina.

Yandere Simulator: Ayando, Raisana, Horudgaku.

TBHK: Mitsukou, Nehanako, eternal loneliness for Tsukasa (I squealed at this moment, it was 3. am)

DDLC: Sayonika, Natsuri.

Polly Diggory? Pfft Pollville Yeesus

All the ship- WAIT! Zelink. okay now!

What's your favorite song? Bugbear, Heather, Crush Culture, Green, Rubberband, drivers license, TOUCH OFF, Dandelions,

Do you have a YouTube channle? (Yes it was literally spelled like that) Nope, not yet.

Favorite anime? Either TPN, TBHK, MHA, or Fruits baskets!!!!!

Favorite anime characher? (again, spelled like that) Okay, Hastuharu, Mina, Zack, Zenitsu (I spelled that wrong), Mitsuba

I frigging love Mitsuba so much.

favorite social media site? Youtube, Commaful, Fandom, Docs.

Most unfavorite anime character? Tsukasa. (DIE!!!!!)

Sorry, I just really hate him.

How many siblings do you have? 4

Favorite food? Any soup

Favorite Video game Zelda, Breath of the wild

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I had fun making it.

Ha det!

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