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This one's a bit of a mess, but hey,



Pt.9, let's go. I am still Mentally shocked. I also want to mention that this time, it's more like a movie. so, be prepared for a lot of GIFS.

"Alright, okay. Now for the Sorting Ceremony." McGonagall yells after the choir is done. Same thing as most times.

She opens a scroll with names inside.

"Suzan Pelligreen."

The first year sits on the seat to be sorted. McGonagall plops a hat on her head.

"Ah, yes. You. your a..." the Sorting Hat thinks for a moment.

I hold my breath. This could go anywhere. Gryffindor, she's good. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are good houses. But then there's Slytherin, which isn't all bad.

I'm scared because Draco Malfoy will probably give her a bad time.

"Ravenclaw!" The Hat bellows.

I exhale as the child walks happily over to the Ravenclaw table. McGonagall says a name that is quite unique.

"Red Fawley."

Red. That's a nice name and she looks kind of laid back. I hope she gets in this house.

"Red? Hm. better be..."

She looks clearly calm, probably not caring.

"Hufflepuff!" the Hat yells.

"Thank you!" she says as she walks to the table.

"Jackson Fenis?"

A boy walks up to the stool, smirking.

"You're a Gryffindor!" The Hat bellows.

Jackson stands up and throws the hat on the floor.

"I wanted Slytherin, idiot hat!" he starts stomping on the hat.

I stand up and run over to Jackson.

"Hey! Get off!" He yells as I try to restrain him.

"That's not-" he interrupts me with a spell.

"Avada Kedavra!" he yells.

I dodge the unforgivable curse in seconds. Perks of being on Quidditch.

"That is enough!" a booming voice yells.

"Professor Dumbledore! I was just trying-" he cuts me off.

"Thank you Polly for trying to help. We've got it covered." he smiles.

I glance at Cedric who is making hand motions at me.

"Yes Professor."

I go back to my seat. In the corner of my eye, I see Jackson giving me a death stare.

After Jackson is scolded, they sort the rest of the first years. Professor Dumbledore walks up to a stand.

"Another year here at Hogwarts!" He whoops.

The room erupted with applause. A couple of first years at the table cover their ears. I did the same my first year.

"Okay, okay. Quiet down now please!" he bellows. I glance at the Gryffindor table, and see a bright young girl, the same age and year as me. Her name is Harmony Domhnall.

She looks at me, smiles, and waves. I smile back.

I don't listen to Dumbledore's speech, because it's a little boring. Until, he brings up Dementors. Then I perk up. I look over at Cedric, whose head is all the way up, looking at Dumbledore.

"Dementors are now at the school entrances, because of this vicious killer." he says.

I think me and Harry are the ones paying the most attention.

"Now, let the feast, commence!" he turns back and sits in his seat. And that cues everybody stuffing their faces.

"Oi, Diggory!" a Hufflepuff asks.

"Yes?" me and Cedric ask at the same time.

"can you pass me some of that chicken?" He replies.

I take a drumstick and pass it to him.

"Thanks." he starts ripping the skin off the drumstick like an animal.

Hope you enjoyed! Ha det!

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