PT.1 again
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I had to repost, sorry. okay, lets go.

PT.1 again

I had to repost, sorry.

okay, lets go.

"C'mon Polly, you've got to at least like one boy!" I hear my brother whisper very loudly across the table.

"Cedric! Keep it down!" I whisper quietly leaning in so no one else can hear us. He looks at me with a sly smirk.

I take a sip of orange juice, this is life. My brother Cedric Diggory starts talking to his friends beside him. I look around the Great Hall for anyone else to socialize with.

My friend Emeelie Fittlewick walks over to me.

"What is it Em?" I say with a quirked eyebrow.

She sits down on the table and slams her books down on Cedric's omelet.

"Hey! I was eating that!" He exclaims turning so we can see his exasperated look.

"There are more important things than eggs!" Emeelie counters with a glare.

"So?" I ask.

"Well, You know that next year we'll be in our third year?"

"Yeah, go on." my brother butts in waiting for the right moment to strike.

"Shut it Cedric." she snaps.

"You ruined my omelet." he says.

"Anyways, you know Harry Potter, from Gryffindor?"

PT.3 will be out any minute kay bye!

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