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011eggos i would like to try some exotic almonds
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I feel like this song just IS my entire page. Like, I started at the bottom, now I have 91 followers! So, here's the evolution of Moony!

When I first started, my name was chicken strips. I changed it to my real name, but then changed it to Moony. My first few posts were...


I posted PD on January 15th. It got 5 likes.

My very first follower who wasn't Sydney was Kita! She liked my fanfiction, and is one of the reasons I'm here today. Thanks, Kita!

This was the day I joined padlet! It was pretty fun to talk to many people who knew what it was like being me. I had watched only ONE dsmp video!!

After i finally watched more Tommyinit videos, I was obsessed! I only knew a couple Lyrics to Your New Boyfriend, so I finally listened to it. it was awesome.

My friend Gred joined, and it was awesome! We could geek out about the craziest stuff, and it was fun!

One of my user milestones!

mere_hufflepuff and me liked to talk about dsmp, and a bunch of other stuff. This was my first good friend on Commaful. Thanks Kelsey!

My PJO phase started when I was like: "You know what? I'm gonna read HOO!". Leo immediately became my favorite character.

I started writing more, and I gained a lot of followers. I started writing more comedic posts, and they got lots of laughs. I finally told everybody I have ADHD in my post Leo, and they were cool with it. So, Yeppers.

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed, Bai! ~***Moony***

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