Panic Room [Chapter one]
Panic Room [Chapter one] panic room stories

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Panic Room [Chapter one]

Alexander Hoffman {@notanauthor}

Ames Garcia {@b3lla}

It was a cold and dark room. I heard screaming from the room beside me. It was another woman. Another day, Another crazy. We're frowned upon either way, Help or not. It's stupid.

I listened to the woman plead for her life. I didn't understand why she was screaming erratically for her lifeline. They couldn't kill us, cause then an uprising in the Government would start, and the Leader would execute the entire force. Officers only cared about their own lives, and their kin. We were just another pawn in their game of chess.

They slammed the cell door shut, leaving the woman screaming and sobbing. "Hey, Quiet down-" "Oh thank god! Another person!" She sobbed in relief. "They'll hear you. And trust me, it's not gonna end well. They beat Erratics here."

"I know." She replied. And now, at this moment, it dawned on me that she was acting the entire time and was completely calm. "What the-" I set the riveting book in my hands down, staring at the cinderblock wall. "I'm Ames Garcia. Who're you?" "Alex... Hoffman. Alex Hoffman."

"Nice to meet you, Alex Hoffman. What're you in here for?" Ames asked. "Uh... DID. Split Personality-" "Oooo, Nice! I'm here for Schizophrenia." "Why were you-" "Panic Attack, thought I saw my mom." The lights flickered off, and I rolled my eyes. Finally making friends here, now it's gone.

"What does that mean?" Ames asked. "Bedtime. Night." I placed my book on the floor and curled up in bed. "Night, Alex Hoffman." Ames said before I drifted into an innocent sleep.

Three hours later, a gunshot shook me awake.

Chapter Two coming next Thursday... I hope :) Thanks you guys! Byeeeee

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