My Phobias because yes
My Phobias because yes phobias stories

011eggos feel the rain on your skin
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Ft. Bo because I love him

My Phobias because yes

Thassilphobia Fear of deep water Why? BECAUSE IT'S ABSOFRUITLEY TERRIFYING

Mellissophobia Fear of stingers Why? Cause I saw a girl get stung by a bee and she was allergic and you can probably guess where that went

Autophobia Fear of being alone Why? Uhm I'm scared that no one will love me

Fear of heights Why? It just makes me shiver every time I'm high up in the air.

Claustrophobia Fear of tight or enclosed spaces Why? Well, it's a long story.

I had this bed that I shared with my sister and it had drawers in it that you could fit into. My sister said she was too big for the drawer and asked me to go in. So I did. And then the drawer got stuck. My sister tried opening it a dozen times before going to consult our mother for help. I got out eventually, crying and sobbing while my sister apologized over and over again.

I remember that every day. Being stuck there, crying and shaking while your mom tries to open the place where you are. My sister doesn't remember it because she was little, but I think I remember it better because of the trauma and fear I felt.

Thank you for this brief and strange thingy Good morning!

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