If Y/n was in Polly Diggory Pt 5
If Y/n was in Polly Diggory Pt 5 cedric x y/n stories
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Episode 5

If Y/n was in Polly Diggory Pt 5

Previously on Polly Diggory:

Cedric: She knows something.

Y/n: She knows too much.

Malfoy: Blaise, She knows.

Pansy: How much DOES she know?

Malfoy: I'm glad we're becoming friends, truly.

Polly: I'm not trusting you just yet.

Episode 5: The secret.

Y/n: *You and Cedric are talking in the common room, when Polly walks in, a little flustered.*

Cedric: Are you okay Pol?

Polly: Sure, just was talking Lewis.

Cedric: Great.

Polly: Poppy! What'd I say about trying to pull my hair out?

Y/n: I'd better go. Bye guys.

Y/n: *You start walking to your common room, when Malfoy stops in front of you.*

Malfoy: Sorry.

Y/n: Where are YOU headed?

Malfoy: Nowhere.

Y/n: Riiiiiight.

Malfoy: See you around.

Y/n thinking: Where is he going?

Y/n: *You follow him to the abandoned Room of Requirement.*

Malfoy: Polly?

Polly: Right here.

Malfoy: So, do you have the-

Polly: Yeah, I dunno why you need one of my Bowtruckles, but fine.

Malfoy: So, he's a lockpicker?

Polly: Yep. But, why do even need one?

Malfoy: Personal Reasons.

Polly: Tell me now, otherwise I'll take that back.

Malfoy: You can't tell a soul.

Polly: Got it.

Polly: Oh dear.

Malfoy: I didn't want it, I swear.

Polly: I believe you, Draco.

Malfoy: You'll probably tell someone, won't you?

Polly: I trust you, but, Your my friend.

Malfoy: And?

Polly: I swear on my mother's grave.

Malfoy: Thanks.

Y/n: No way...

Find out in probably a couple of hours what happens next on Polly Diggory.

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