If Y/n was in Polly Diggory Part 2 (Cedric x Y/n)
If Y/n was in Polly Diggory Part 2 (Cedric x Y/n) cedric diggory x y/n stories

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Experiment Part two

If Y/n was in Polly Diggory Part 2 (Cedric x Y/n)

Cedric: Oh Polly, stop being such a buzzkill!

Polly: Can't help it.

Y/n: Well, I should probably get back to my common room. Bye!

Polly: see ya.

Cedric: Uh, See you at 7:00?

Y/n: For sure

Y/n: *You overhear Cedric talking to Polly before you leave.*

Polly: Smooth moving, Sir Diggory

Cedric: Don't make fun of me!

Polly: Come on, let's go, I get creepy thoughts whenever Malfoy is around.

Cedric: Jesus Christ Pol, can't go six milliseconds without having to move.

Y/n: *You smile at the sweet moment they have as siblings, when a worried voice comes behind you.*

Neville: D-Do you think she's dating anyone?

Y/n: Uh...

Polly: Do you hear something?

Neville: Oh no!

Cedric: I hear some coins swishing around, you?


Y/n: *Polly runs to a knight painting then pulls a platypus like creature is pulled out.

Polly: I KNEW IT!

Cedric: Order of Merlin, keep an eye on those things.

Polly: Well, I didn't know, so, yeah!

Neville: Whew, that was close, let's go back to the Common room Y/n.

Y/n: Think that'd be best.

Y/n: *You make it back to the common room to meet Fred and George taunting you.*

Fred: I hear you got yourself a date with Diggory.

Y/n: Shove off.

Hermione: well, I think it's great.

Ron: That's great for you Hermione.

Harry: Oh Ron, Stop being so weird about it.

Ginny: You got a date? Wow!

Dean: ooh I see we got some piping hot chocolate here, don't mind if I do-

Hermione: DID YOU ASK?!

Neville: It's so loud.

Y/n: I'm going to bed. Bye guys!

Y/n: *You walk up to your dorm, Laughing about the current events.*

Ha det!

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