I wrote some songs while reading MCGA
I wrote some songs while reading MCGA apple stories

011eggos Well I hope I was your favorite crime
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Yeah, I play Roblox. Pay attention to the board.

I wrote some songs while reading MCGA

Sooooooo here they are. There are two so far, but there could be more 😏

Anyways, here’s a song called Look at me now.

If you could not have been so cold to me I would’ve been nicer to you Because darling, I’ve changed Believe me on that fact I’m more different than ever Since the last day of December I wrote this song to you The girl who called me useless I guess that fact has changed Because look at me now I’m strong, I guess?

Look at me now If you barged in the door tomorrow, you’d be greeted by my fist Because what you did can never be fixed. 😐I know it sounds like a country song, but the beat is... we’ll get to that later.

That’s all, you might actually hear the song

Bye guys!

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