Harry Pottah, Umbrella Academy, ST, and TPN head cannons
Harry Pottah, Umbrella Academy, ST, and TPN  head cannons head cannons stories

011eggos ***ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴀ ꜰᴏᴏʟ***
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Some head cannons because sure. also new catch phrase

Harry Pottah, Umbrella Academy, ST, and TPN head cannons

Hello Eggos Or maybe.... hello Peeps I'm gonna stick with Eggos. Anyway! Some head cannons for you Fans out there. I thought of these and I was like "Wow, I should make a commaful thing." So enjoy.

Harry would sit next to you if you had a bad dream.

Polly wouldn't use her wand in a battle with Wormtail. She'd use Swooping Evil.

Cedric would walk into your bedroom, seeing you hugging a pillow thinking it's a person and say: "OH MY GAWD, Y/n!"

He would also almost scratch the finishing off the table before he's a champion.

Malfoy would not care if you said Darling in a seductive way because he wanted to say that first.

Neville would grow you a flower when your sad, and he'd ask you your favorite flower.

Ron would eat an entire Korean BBQ buffet with you if you're sad.

Cedric and Polly do the same eyebrow and head tilt thing when they are concerned. it looks like this:

I imagine that all the time, Ngl

If you had a crush on someone else, Tom Riddle would be a Yandere and kill them so you're all his.

I mean, so would Five


Allison would rumor you into baking a rum cake for Klaus's b-day.

Klaus would ask you your favorite color so he could buy a bottle of wine with the label as your favorite color.

Diego would show off his amazing dance moves for you.

Putting that plainly, HE HAS SKILLZ!

Luthor would never say Love you to the moon and back because he was on the moon.

Vanya would ask you your favorite composer and play a piece by them for you. It will sound better than the OG

Eleven would call Mike to ask what's wrong with you and why were you crying and Mike would just be like "It's called sadness."


Will would go to the mall with El and Max when Mike won't play D&D with him, in exchange for coming with them as their bodyguard, would ask to play D&D after they go to the mall. And would yell at the boys when they ignore El.

He would also go home with the girls, and forget about D&D completely to talk about stuff with the girls, forgetting about Mike and Lucas because their girlfriends are funner than them, he would join the sleepover and would sleep on the floor.


Eleven would ask you about how life was before she got out but you'd have nothing to say.

If you ask Dustin for help with homework, he'd get off track and talk about Suzie and camp.

Erica would edumacate you in American History and Capitalism.

Hopper would make you a triple Decker eggos stack for you anytime of day.

Emma would ask you to cook her a baked potato because she loves your cooking.

Ray would also want to cook for you since he makes soup or something~

Norman will cook you demon meat, and when you don't eat it, he'll give it to Barbara.


Gilda would hold your hands when your upset, and to your surprise their pretty warm.

Ha det eggos!

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