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So, I'm not okay right now. I was planning on posting something fun and uplifting today but I can't.

One of my good friends here on Commaful made a padlet.

It escalated so quickly.

I told myself to never let the string break the water bucket of tears I've been stuffing back in my head.


But... I did.

Anger, Sadness, The feeling of not being good enough, My problems, Loneliness, Pain, Secrets, Everything spilled out.

My anger broiled up and I lost it on a person who threatened to kill themselves, @glitchyred.

I got so mad cause no matter what I said they wouldn't listen. No matter what. I swore, snapped, tried to be sympathetic but they. wouldn't. fucking. listen.

I told them SO MANY TIMES to not die, but they wouldn't listen! I wasted my time on someone who didn't listen.

I wanted to have fun, but now I'm sobbing to Wilbur Soot.

I tried so hard, but it all lost.

I'm so done with being the angel. Hate fills up inside of me, and i shove it back down. so, yeah. I shared my feelings with people who have no clue who i am.

I need to take a break today. Sorry if you wanted something else, too bad. It's for my mental health.

Peace out. ~***Moony***

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