Comma SWP! First Challenge.
Comma SWP! First Challenge. comma swp stories
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011eggos i would like to try some exotic almonds
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The First Challenge!

Comma SWP! First Challenge.


I am Moony, and since nobody's the leader yet, I guess we're doing this now.

FIRST CHALLENGE!!!! *Airhorns*

Write your feelings about a band you love or loved, and make it sappy. but just a little sap sprinkled in there. ;)

Olive will have more info on this, so go check her out, for now, I'm gonna go!

Winners will be posted in two days on Freddie's page!

1st: You get a follow, an option to be a member, and a shoutout. 2nd: You get a follow, an option and a like. 3rd: You get a follow, option to become a member(because we need members), and a like.

That's all for now! Sincerely, {The Comma SWP}

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