Cold cut murderer.
Cold cut murderer. scary stories
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TW: Murderer.

Cold cut murderer.

I scribble down the attendance sheet, desperately waiting for the school day to end. The others in my class audition and help out with nothing, so it's up to me to help the teachers.

Yeah, it was sad. Depressing at most. Most of the girls in my class actually like talking, instead of keeping quiet. I haven't talked to a classmate in five years, and I want this streak to keep going.

Oh, and I know what your thinking. "Oh no, this girl isn't like other girls, she's mute!". the stereotype fits, believe me. I'm this genius mute who helps the teachers and never gets a second of free time. well, that's actually a lie because I have a secret.

And I have no intention AT ALL to tell anybody else this, so don't feel special. I'm actually a wanted murderer. I've killed five people, and those people are the ones who broke my heart.

there's James, who looks innocent, but actually bullied me for seven years. I electrocuted him.

Then there's Brittany, who, seems like you're everyday gamer girl, but was actually my ex best friend. I poisoned her for that, then carved her heart out.

My mom and dad, who were happily married, until my dad started drinking, and gave me lashes on my back whenever I spoke a word. My mom allowed it for months, and locked me in my room to I had to shit in a corner for six days straight.

So, I sewed their organs together after burning their faces with a frying pan. Yeah it sounds brutal but I couldn't control myself!

The next person was my English teacher, who would abuse me after class. Of course, I said nothing cause the Police would find out about it, so, I stabbed him then hid his body in a dumpster.

I might currently have two people tied up in my basement but hey, that's fine right?

Yes, These are all true, and nobody's found me yet, which is surprising.

But, now my teacher cut off the thought with dismissal. I stand up, hand in the sheet, then stroll to my locker. Someone's hand touches my shoulder, and I jump.

"Hey, I wanted to talk." He says. I scan him up and down. brown curly, blue eyes, and a tech shirt. Typical high school boy.

I ignore his attempt, and grab my books for the next class. He says something that chills my bones...

"I know you killed someone."

Should I continue?

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