Clear red skies over California (CCM)
Clear red skies over California (CCM) murder stories

011eggos I like rain and mass destruction, ironic
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Part 2

Clear red skies over California (CCM)

"What?!" I exclaim. He grips my hand and drags me to a storage room. "You murdered my sister." He pushes me against a wall, clicking a gun.

"Tell me. How did you kill her? Why did you kill her?" I scramble upward, taking out a knife. "I killed her because of you." I smirk. "Why?" "Because you'll never find out-" He stops my sentence by putting the gun to his own head.

"Am I the reason?! Well, I'll just-" "No!" I yell.

"Why not?" He murmurs. "Because you can't." I fall to my knees.

The gun clatters to the ground, and he looks at me weirdly. "Why am I the problem?" "She wanted me to hurt you. Badly. That's why I killed her." I say.

Sorry, had no inspiration for this one, but PT.3 will be out soon.

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