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I got lazy I'll make it prettier later <3

Another story time

OKAY so in 8th hour I was walking to the library cause that's where it is, and someone was standing in the doorway,

and it was Kay and I just freaking simped so hard while I walked into the library.

And Then she left and all was well until I walked over to my chaotic gay friends in the hallway and Three of them were thirsty so we went to the water fountain near there but the cups

were ceased. So then we decided to go to the Girl's Locker room for water cause there's a fountain in there and it's by the library.

And we just walked by the principal and he looked like he was ready to go talk to us so we fucking booked it down the library hallway so fast like all four of us were panting after we got there.

And we got water and then tried to lock each other in the lockers and we just ran around the showers and it was fun.

So we get back and I start talking to my friends again, Lil nas being included cause we're pretty good friends.

And then Miah was listening to Woman by Doja and Lil nas took her headphones, asked "What are you listening to?" And start singing along to Doja.

So I'm just vibing and before I can tell her to try and find Sheet music for Woman in her instrument, Doc Mcstuffins comes behind me and says "Get outta my chair.

" And literally pulls the chair from under me and I fall, and everyone was so surprised but Lil naswas still vibing to Woman.

This all happened yesterday

Au revoir besties!

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