A Medieval Lesbian Romance thingy
A Medieval Lesbian Romance thingy lgbtq stories

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A lesbian romance :)

A Medieval Lesbian Romance thingy

I arrived to the dinner table, Mother and Phillip cleaning the dishes. Mother's golden hair glowed in the sunlight, Phillip's sandy hair and limp stature looking out of place. "Phillip, your supposed to be resting!" I scolded, dashing to his side. "But Mother needed help with the dishes."

I chuckle, leading him back to his bedroom. He took over and flopped on his bed, curling up in the sheets. "Beatrice, Will you do a favor for me?" He asked, his features sunken. "Anything, brother." "Don't give up on Mother after I die-" "You will not die. I will count on it."

I brushed a tuft of sandy hair out of his eyes, receding back to the kitchen. "Mother, what if he-" I start, before my cloak is draped over my shoulders. "Bea, won't you go hunting for us? Your handy with a bow." My mother asked. "Erm... gladly." I replied, walking to the front door. "Catch us something good!" Father appeared over Mother's shoulder.

"Yes." I nod, locking the door behind me and grabbing the bow my grandfather crafted me. I decided to take the route I never take, because who doesn't like a good adventure? I heard a soft rustle in the distance, like footsteps.

I zipped behind a tree, peering behind it to try and see the wearer of the rustling. I knocked my bow with an arrow, appreciating the scenery. The red and orange shades of the ground from the fall setting. My hair blew in the autumn wind.

"Your form looks dreadful." A voice whispered behind me

Tell me if you want a Part two! [I got lazy]

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