My chemical love part 2
My chemical love part 2 a part two stories
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(Watch part 1 first!) "I didn't introduce myself didn't I?, I'm.....

My chemical love part 2

(Watch part 1 first!)

"I didn't properly introduce myself didn't I?, I'm.....


They looked around the room

Then, Alesha felt a slight movement in her left pocket,

It was her phone.

She blushed, slightly embarrased


She looked deeply in his eyes and tried to look away,

But she couldn't

She couldn't resist looking into his eyes and find herself lost in those ocean blue eyes.

He looked back

He looked as if he was going through what Alesha was,

Lost in her eyes,

And staring deeply into her

But weirdly, they liked it.


It filled the room awkwardly

The only sound was the clock

For some reason, Alesha had the urge to move a little closer to him

And so she did

So did the boy

Until they reached the point where they stopped

Until they could feel their breathing on each other

and their lips started to go closer to each other till---

"OK! Alesha! You've been in the classroom in there long enough! I need to go too!"

They were so startled that they jumped opposite sides of themselves

"M-Mr. Hughes!" Said the boy

"Oh! Mike! I see you're helping Alesha here! What a surprise"

Stay tuned for part 3!

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