The 24th Classroom Season 1 Episode 1
The 24th Classroom
Season 1 Episode 1 weird kids stories

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The class was small, Smaller then your typical class. But of course this class is anything but typical.

The 24th Classroom Season 1 Episode 1

The class was small, Smaller then your typical class. But of course this class is anything but typical.

Or at least that's what Iris Hollinger thinks. Who is Iris Hollinger you might ask? Well Iris Hollinger is a lot of things. She's brave, She has smarts, A kind family. She's truly blessed. But you see, Iris is also stubborn. She's the sister of the gay kid. She's the one everyone knows about. She's Iris Hollinger.

Now, You probably are now wondering who is 'the gay kid' Well to get straight (Or in this case gay) to the point, Andre Hollinger. Now Andre doesn't exactly 'act gay', 'speak gay', or 'dress gay' as his classmates might say. But he is gay, and that's all they see, Because he's 'the gay kid' and that's all he will be.

If your like any other reader you're probably waiting for me to introduce the stereotypical mean kid, The rude bully or the mean snobby rich kid. Now, Let me get one thing clear, Remy Howard is not the stereotypical mean kid your looking for, But he's labeled as the bully nonetheless. No one knows much about him, His naturally emo vibe, The constant shadow of sadness cast upon him, Etc. Because he's the mean kid.

Ashe Demoss. Ashe is the kind of guy who likes coffee shop music, Cats, and Reading. He always has on a long yellow cardigan, In the summer he wears one with short sleaves. Rumor is he's copyrighting it soon.

If Daniel Ryes had a label it would probably be 'Music kid' as he always has his headphones either on his ear or hanging around his neck. He's an aspiring electric guitarist and works with Amikko on some of her more musical cosplays.

Who is Amikko? Well Amiko is a youtuber-A cosplayer to be exact-An anime fangirl who enjoys acting out scenes she wishes would happen with every bone in her shorter then normal body. Unfortunately her scenes don't make the cut.

Now assuming we're putting labels on everyone (Except Ashe, Perhaps 'cat boy' would work?) the label of 'shy girl' would go to Sophia Martinez. Sophia is diffrent from the rest, A far, Distant gaze complementing her eyes as green as grass. The shy eyes of a shy girl.

Robyn Gray had an unhealthy habit. She didn't take care of herself, And it wasn't before she was lazy mind you. Robyn just put her loved ones first, She cared for her many friends, Her little sibling, Her grandma, her friends. That's why Robyn was the 'nice kid'.

The labels that are assigned to us are restricting, Unhealthy, and Honestly quite scary and assuming you decide to join us on this journey you will find out why exactly this is the way it is. Why the kids hide behind their labels, Using them as shields. But what do they need protection from? Well that's the part you'll have to stick around for.

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