WEDDING #1 - Tom x Tord
WEDDING #1 - Tom x Tord ewauc stories

-starrysunset- some mistakes get made, that's alright-
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rip me i finished at 3:30 in the morning XD
also i put notes here an there so.... look out for those.

WEDDING #1 - Tom x Tord

sowwy abt the fact im too lazy to hit shift or have proper grammar XD

it was 1 am (in eastern time) when i started, so.... im tired and lazy, but here's the first of 3 weddings this week-

Edd - wow.... kris did this amazingly....

*silk draped the walls with flowers stiched inside. vases with red and blue roses sat on every table.

a slideshow of pictures of the soon-to-be-married couple played on a screen in the back of the room.

soft music played from a nearby speaker, and the wedding planner herself stood, awaiting the guests*

Kris - heya, guys! *she smiles*

Matt - k-kris, this is....

Edd - amazing....

Kris - eh?

Pat - so this is what it's gonna be like?

Kris - i guess. *pops an almond into her mouth*

Paul - o>o

(put thicc eyebrows on it cuz i cant XD)

Edd - we gotta go. see ya later?

Kris - duh. we'll be standing on the same platform for, like, 20 minutes.

-with tommy tommo boyo aka tom XD-

Tom - where are those weirdos....

Edd - heya, lover boy!

Tom - o///o

(T^T dear starboy flashbacks for me T^T)

Tom - hey....

Matt - you ready?

Tom - yeah. im ready. let's do this thing!

Edd - *ruffles his hair* that's the tom i know so well.

-abt like 30 min later cuz me lazyyyyyyyy-

Kris - *starts to play a song on her guitar*

(me - * s n e e z e * yes i sneezed while writing this @ 2 am)

Tom - *walks down, blushing immensely*

*his plain, navy 2 piece was quite simple, with really only a red rose in the pocket of the top being the only other color other he wore besides blue, white, or black.

his checked tie was a bit off center, and the small flower crown made of violets that sat tilted on his head gave him a quiet, nerved kid kind of a vibe*

*he stands on the platform, and kris winks at him. he tenses up, nervous.*

*the music slows down, and tord walks out, clearly going for a dear starboy style*

(help its even taken over the wedding T^T i just love it so much i cant help myself @ this point)

*he wears a dark red, almost blood colored, 2 peice like tom's, with a blue rose in the pocket of his top.

the aforementioned pocket had a small yellow star sewed into it that sparkled with every step.

he had a childish smile planted on his face that made his eyes light up as he saw his soon-to-be husband standing there.

his simple red tie had a few black "spray paint effect" stars on it, seemingly hand painted. his crown of poppies sat on his head slightly tilted, continuing the childish peice of the outfit.*

(i spent 10 minutes on that give me some credit)

Tom - whoa.... *blushes even harder*

Tord - y-you like it?

Tom - nicest ive ever seen you before.... commie....

Tord - heh.... where's that been these past few days?

*wedding crap happens - lets just skip to the vows already my body is at 5% and i dunno what happens at a wedding*

Kris - and now, vows.

(what am i supposed to say? ive never been to a wedding, let alone written about one....)

Kris - tord, do you take tom to be your husband, for eternity, until you reach the stars, through everything?

( s h e s p a t s u m w o r d s t h e r e b r o t h e r s )

Tord - i do.... *smirks in a flirty way and blushes*

Edd - *internally screaming and rocking back and fourth on his feet in the back cuz he's edd*

Kris - and tom. do you take tord to be your husband, for eternity, until you reach the stars, through everything?

Tom - i-i... i do.

Kris - now you may kiss the commie


*they have a vvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy long kiss*

*vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy long.*

(im out of ideas and motivation so the end for wedding one XD)

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