Triple Date - An EWAUC Short Story PT 1 (yes it's the mystery post!)
Triple Date - An EWAUC Short Story PT 1 (yes it's the mystery post!) ewauc stories

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0>0 XD i listened to hardcore music while making this XDXDXD

Triple Date - An EWAUC Short Story PT 1 (yes it's the mystery post!)

Tom - Wow, guys, this is beautiful!

Pat - I truly have to agree. This is the perfect time for a triple date!

Edd - *sighs, knowing that he, Tord, and Paul have a lot of preassure on them*

Matt - Why is it a triple date anyways?

Tord - Just how we planned it.

*Tord, Edd, and Paul's phones buzz all at the same time, but only Paul checks it.*

Paul - *nods at Tord and mouths "It's your turn."*

Tord - *gets the idea and rolls out his part of the plan* Tom, I've loved you ever since we met, no lies.

Kris - *a few feet away, nearly dying of exaustion from planning all this out for hours*

Tord - And you have been so special to me all my life.

Tom - T-Tord, what are you getting at? *blushing so hard his face is completely red.*

Tord - Tom.... *gets down on one knee*

Tom - *said as exhaling* No way....

Tord - *pulls out a ring* Will you marry me?

Tom - *gasps* Oh my god, YES! *kisses Tord*

Tord - *pulls away long enough to say this -* And I'll admit it, harpoons are better than spoons.

Tom - AHA!

*they laugh and kiss even more*

Edd - *whispers* Paul, that happened WAY too fast. Who's next, again?

Paul - *whispers back* You.

Edd - *under his breath* S**t....

*he get a message from Kris that says "not rn. wait a bit. then go."*

Edd - *sighs*

*he messages back with "can we do it another day? im not readyyyyyyyy"*

*he gets an immediate message back that says "suck it. start now."*

*he groans*

Matt - Edd? Everything ok?

Edd - *sighs* Yeah. I actually have something to tell you. *grabs Matt's hands and stands him up*

Matt - W-wha-? E-Edd? Are you really ok?

Edd - Matt. You have been one of my closest friends since we met. When we started dating, my affection for you went haywire. I was so flustered around you, but I've been better.

Matt - Y-yeah, you have. W-what are you g-getting at?

Edd - Matt.... You're not as dumb as you were. And so, I want to ask you....

Matt - No, not me, this can't be happening, not 2 in one day, oh no-

Edd - *gets on his knee*

Matt - Ohnonononononono-

Edd - Will you- *ahem* - marry me?

Matt - Oh. My. God....

Edd - What? Matt? Is everythi-

Matt - YES, OH MY GOD! *wraps him in a huge hug and kisses him so hard one may have lost their breath*

Edd - *melts into Matt's arms and kisses him just as hard.*

Paul - 0>0 why would he delay getting that?

Kris - * w h e e z e X D* w t f i s h a p p e n i n g ?

Pat - Wow. 2 proposals in 1 night! I'm pooped. Ready to go home?

Paul - *smirks* Pat, there's still one more surprise in store before we leave.

Pat - Oh my god, I should have expected this....

Paul - Being soldiers together was the best desicion I've ever made. That promise you thought I made 2 years ago, in the arcade, I didn't make out of the pain I was in. It was true.

Pat - Oh. My. God. No. Way.

Paul - Pat. You've seen this twice already, but it's your turn now.

Pat - aaaaaaAAAAAAA-

Paul - Pat, *gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring* will you marry me?

Pat - *gasps and nearly faints* Y-yes! Oh my god, YES!

Paul and Pat - *attacking each other with hugs and long kisses*

Kris - Heh. I'm officially single. Rip me. *almost cracks and bawls her eyes out when a figure appears from behind her*

??? - Not anymore....

Kris - Wha-? WHO ARE YOU?

to be continued....

oMg XD im bringing back one of my old ocs now XDDDDDDDDDD- help me

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