Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 1
Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 1 ewauc stories

-starrysunset- some mistakes get made, that's alright-
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oh wow chapter 1 of a sequel to my last story XD

Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 1

I - Emotions, Music, and Stories - Kristal

Being a cross AU criminal is fun. I should know, I was one. Along with 10 other people. Fun. Me being only almost 20, I'm the youngest. Everyone is 29- to 45-year olds.

But I'm still the main girl. The only girl, to be exact. Everyone else is a guy. Even more fun.

"Kris, hey! Is everything ready for the next one? I heard it's gonna be fun!" a voice called. I turned around to see Matt staring at me, "You staring into space again?"

"Oh, shut up!" I laughed. Tom rounded the corner, sprinting and yelling.

"GUYS! I have a good reason for me to drink." he said, bouncing.

"Oh, what now, Tom?" Tord yelled from in the car.

"Ok. So, according to something I found on YouTube, rubbing alcohol heals outside cuts, so drinking alcohol should heal inside cuts." Tom said. He had a point.

His life had been falling apart for a few years now. It even had been before I found him at Tord's old base back in the UK.


We left the UK.

About a year ago, actually. It was fun, leaving with 11 people and 50 liters of cola in 1 car. Edd wanted to bring some cola along, and that was not some.

Somehow, I found ways to make a few changes to everyone, giving Edd a halo and wings, Matt a normal eye and chin again, Tord's scar better looking, and a million piercings on Tom.

Tord got his ears pierced while I was at it. The other didn't really want anything else on them, all they wanted was Jon back. Lucky for them, my eye could do that.

Yes, I have powers from my eye. Weird to think about, since it just goes black and red mist comes from it. The aura around stuff when I use my power is the same color as the mist.


"Ok, daydreamer, let's go." Matt joked. I laughed, but hopped in the car. I slipped Paul and Pat doing whatever it is they do and hopped into the bed in the back, hence the name the Bedmobile.

Everyone else climbed into the car, and we started to drive off.

It's always fun in the Bedmobile. It's mostly us messing around.

I'm blasting music, the main 4 are dancing, the neighbors are in the front doing their thing, and Paul and Pat, being the only responsible ones of us,

constantly have to do things like make dinner and go shopping.

They're still fun, though. They're not party poopers anymore! They were at first, but they got used to us and our party nature. I think we're the most fun group of criminals in the multiverse!

"Kris, where's the music?" Edd said, prodding me with his cola can sword he made for some reason I will never know.

"Oh, right. Sorry, just thinking." I said with a quick laugh. They all shot me concerned looks.

"You sure it's just thinking? Ever since we went to the Reverse AU, you've been acting weird." Tom noted. I blushed, my slight fangirlism pushing through.

Yeah, I'm a fangirl for all of the main 4. They're all kinda hot, what do you want from me? I played some music for them, and grabbed my computer from my side of the bed.

Tord got territorial with sides when we were claiming the bed. I turned it on, logged in, shoved my earbuds into the jack and my ears, and played my music while I wrote more of stories I wrote.

The first song that played was "Victorious" by Panic! At The Disco. Perfect.

My fingers flew across the keyboard and my music pounded so hard that I didn't realise that everyone had been calling my name. I paused my song, took out one earbud, and stared at everyone.

"What." I said, annoyed.

"We going to the next AU or what?" Eduardo called from the driver's seat.

"Oh. Gimme a sec." I used my eye to teleport us to the next AU. I wasn't particularly excited for this one.

"YEAH! Kidsworld, here we come!" Pat yelled. I stuffed my earbuds back in and went back to writing.

Why were they excited to see kid versions of the main 4 so much? They wouldn't be too much help in the end anyways.

Oh? Help with what, you ask?

The war with Tord from the main TBATF AU, of course!

What, like you didn't know? It's been going on for around a year now. Us "AU Crusaders," as we call ourselves, have been going to different AUs, getting the main 4 to come with us.

Eduardo lightened my mood by crashing into a wall.

We love when he does that. NO SARCASM!

The world went black as I hit my head and lost consciousness.

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