Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 3
Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 3 ewauc stories

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Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 3

III - Pondering With a Taste of Blood - Edd

When I saw Kris hobble out, I sighed with relief. It was good to know she was ok. I heard laughter, and saw a younger Paul walk out with younger versions of me, Tom, and Tord.

The younger Pat still held the younger Matt. Kris exhaled, and Tom and Tord laid her on the couch.

"So, uh, what happened?" she asked when she got comfy. We explained everything.

How we crashed, that she was knocked out, what we did to take care of her, and Tord and Tom told her their reactions when she woke up.

We laughed at how they were screaming at everything she did for 2 minutes straight. Younger Me curled up in my lap for some reason, and I laughed. Younger Paul looked at me and backtracked.

He must have been scared that one of the kids that he takes care of was sitting with me.

"So, you guys are just older versions of us, right?" Younger Tom asked from the floor. My Tom chuckled.

"Yeah! We've dealt with all different ages of us before, so this isn't too new for us." he responded, looking down at his younger self. I smiled, but Kris slapped him.

"Don't say that to kids!" she yelled, not joking. I had to agree. The information may scare them.

But the kids just laughed, and I realised they didn't have old enough minds to process the information well.

Something crashed in the other room.

"TORD, AGAIN WITH THE VASE?" Younger Pat yelled. No one had realised he left, so it scared us all. Kris exhaled, and I looked at her more closely now.

The scratches on her face weren't too red anymore, but they were still a dark pink. She wasn't bleeding, only faint traces of where the blood remained.

She still looked pale, and bruises and cuts covered all of the exposed skin I saw. Her left arm was tied up in a sling-like piece of cloth, and I assumed that it had gotten broken.

Out of all of us, she had gotten it the worst. We mostly got cuts and scrapes, but she looked terrible. Why would it have affected someone so far away from where the crash really took place?

"Should we get you to a hospital, Kris?" Matt asked from the chair nearby, concerned. Kris gave a pained smile, and shook her head.

"I'll be ok for now, guys. Don't start fussing over me too much." she said, and I knew she wasn't really in it. Deep down, she wanted to go. She wanted to get help. She wanted to-

"DEAR GOD, JON, WHAT DID YOU DO?" Tom yelled, scrambling back into the couch. Jon and the rest of the neighbours came in, decked in bandages.

"I tried to help!" Jon said defensively. I chuckled under my breath. I got up, and helped everyone untangle them. Jon looked a bit mad.

"I spent time on that!" he said every other bandage we pulled off.

Tom just rolled his eyes and complained about how he hated that the neighbours were pretty much our opposites, and the fact his was so happy and cheery all the time.

Kris stayed on the couch, looking out of the hole we had made with the car.

I wondered how we had crashed. It was usually just us slamming a hole in the wall, no harm done, but this time, it was a full on crash.

Something had caused it, and I knew it wasn't bad driving skills. It was something, or someone, trying to mess us up.

But what? Or who? I sighed and laid back on the chair arm I had snagged when we went back to sitting. Matt put his hand on my leg, and I slid down to lay next to him. I sighed, and hugged him.

We needed this, just time to us, to relax and live our lives. Rarely ever do we get to relax. Matt hugged me back, and we all sat there in silence for a bit. Soon I heard steady breathing.

I looked down, and saw Matt sleeping beside me. I smiled, and felt I needed sleep myself. I started to settle down, but I heard something crash.

"Everything ok?" I called, "Anyone hurt?" I stood, and looked around. A few shards of glass caught my eye. I ran to the source of it, and stumbled.

A bloody figure lay motionless on the floor.

A figure in the shape of Tom.

"T-Tom? Hey, bud, you ok? Stupid question. Of course you're not!" I panicked. I heard a moan. Tom looked up at me, and I had flashbacks to last year. On this same day.

Back in that other AU. When I found him knocked out and helpless.

"Edd? Edd, help. Please. He's gonna kill us all...." Tom mumbled before passing out again. I scooped him up and ran back to the main room. Kris looked up, and kept her stoic expression.

"He left to get food a while ago, I was wondering where he was." she said, helping me lay him on the couch with her free arm. Tord rolled over, and looked at Tom.

"God, what did I miss?" he asked. He looked really concerned, so it wouldn't hurt to tell him.

"I dunno." I breathed, "I heard a crash and went to see what it was, and found him lying there like this." Tord froze, and I could tell he was processing the information.

"Well, I'm gonna go get some more sleep. See ya!" Kris said before going into an empty room. Well, she's gone. What now?

more eventually dont worry XD)

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