Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 2
Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 2 ewauc stories

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chapter 2 is finally here XD

Cross AU Criminals - An Eddsworld - AU Crusaders Short Story - Chapter 2

II - Crash Complications - Tord

My head hurt from the impact of the crash, this one feeling like a car accident instead of slamming into a wall for fun. I looked around to see everyone staring at Kris.

I looked, and I saw she was bleeding from every part of her head that had a hole. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, you name it. She had a huge scratch on her right cheek that was also bleeding. Oh god.

Was she dead?

"K-Kris? You ok?" Matt said, poking her face. No response. I picked her up and looked at where we crashed. A traumatized, younger Pat stared at us, holding a child Matt.

"Um, h-hello? Why did you crash into our house?" the younger Pat said, his eyes flicking from the car to us.

I looked at Eduardo and pointed at him.

"His fault."

He looked offended as he stuttered and stumbled over his words, but eventually sighed and went silent. Younger Pat looked at Kris with concern.

"Uh, is she ok?" he asked.

"I honestly have no clue." I replied. He offered to help, and we gratefully accepted. He bandaged her up, and I heard a knock on the door of the room we crashed into.

"Pat? Why's a car stuck in the outside wall? Specifically in this room?" a voice called.

"Paul! Come in here! Bring the kids with you!" Younger Pat yelled, and turned back around to us, "Who even are you guys?"

Edd explained it all. How we were fugitives in multiple AUs, the fact we went from AU to AU, taking the main 4 with us, how we came here just so we could see kid versions of us.

Younger Pat laughed at that part.

"They're little rascals, but cute and sweet nonetheless." he said, ruffling Younger Matt's hair. He beamed and laughed.

I looked down at Kris in my arms. Her steady breaths were calming, and I asked if I could let her sleep in a room. Younger Pat directed me to an empty bedroom, and I layed Kris on the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, every so often looking over at her.

Everything in me hoped she was ok.


It'd been at least 3 hours. She STILL hadn't woken up. Her breathing had gotten louder, so I could tell she didn't die. I heard a knock, and Tom slipped in.

"She doing better?" he asked. I sighed.

"She hasn't woken up yet, but she's been tensing a bit." I said, laying my head on his shoulder. He's the best boyfriend I could ask for.

"Tord, we're the Black Eye Trio. She won't die if we won't."


He made a point. As the "Black Eye Trio," since we each had at least 1 black eye, we promised we would all die at the same time. And if Kris dies today, me and Tom die today.

And everyone else will be stuck here.

God, she has to live, for everyone else's sake! And ours, too, but whatever.

I threw myself next to her. Tom slipped around and sat on my back.

"Oh my lord, Tom, get off me, that hurts!" I yelled. He laughed and slipped off.

I stared at Kris, missing her snuggles. She calls me her "human body pillow." I always teased her about that, but I may never get to feel her body against mine ever again.

She moved.

"AAAAHHH, MY GOD TORD, SHE MOVED, WHAT DO WE DO?" Tom yelled. I started yelling, having nothing better to do. I heard mumbles, and I screamed even louder. Tom shook me.

"WHAT DO WE DOOOOOOOO-" he was cut off by a voice behind us.

"Guys? What happened?" Kris' voice called. I turned around to see her staring at us. My eyes teared up. I ran over and squeezed her.


"God, guys, calm down, I'm fine!"

"Well, can you walk?" Tom asked. She laughed, and we tried to help her stand. She got up, and we walked her to the main room.

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