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mOrE AskIng plz


annieforever asked -

To Tord-if you could would you marry Tom and if so have kids with him/adopt?

Tord - I-I've wanted to propose SOMEDAY, but not today, or any day soon. I still wanna find a good way to do it. *blushes*

To Tom-what do you remember about your first kiss with Tord?

Tom - My favorite part is the fact it was accedental, but ended up as us making out.

I tripped over Kris, her being the jerk she is, and fell onto Tord, our faces colliding, and we ened up kissing.

To Edd-what is the best prank you pulled off yet?

Edd - DEFINETLY the one we pulled on Tord back on April Fool's.

Since he's such a worrywart about Kris dying, we put fake blood all over her, made her lay in a dead-looking position, and we pulled it off. He actually beleved it!

Tord - Edd, I cried that night. You scared the f**k out of me! I nearly killed myself, it looked so real!

To Matt-if you could switch lives with someone who would you switch with?

Matt - Umm, I dunno! Maybe Tom. Or Pat!

To Paul-what are your thoughts about the Red Army?

Paul - It's wild. Being part of the 4 that really run the place is fun, but Kris and her party side can really give somebody a headache. Mainly me.

To Patryck-is Tord a good leader for the Red Army?

Pat - Yeah! Well, he's kinda irresponsible at times, but he does so much work for us soldiers that he overworks himself and loses sleep!

He once told me and Paul to stand a certain distance away from each other so he could climb on our shoulders and say he was the tallest!

Paul - It didn't end well.

Tord - They moved, and I broke my robotic arm. That was the first day I ever got a new one!

To Kris-who best boi?

Kris - Tord, my human body pillow. He gives good snuggles.

Jon - Aww....

Kris - Or Jon, my little precious cinnamon roll. *winks*

Jon - *blushes*

part 5 anyone?

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