Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 1
Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 1 eddsworld stories
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-starrysunset- some mistakes get made, that's alright-
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chapter 1 of a story i wrote :3

Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 1

I - Edd

The jacket I stole from Tord's base is ripped pretty much everywhere, a russian madman is running after me, I'm wanted by one of my best friends, one of my other best friends is nearly dead,

the other one I have NO clue WHERE he is or WHAT he's doing, AND I can't get any cola. COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE!?

Well, yes. It could.

In many ways I somehow avoided.

The so-called "madman" I mentioned is actually a "super soldier" named Vlahd that Tord hired. Why? I dunno? Ask him, not me! At the moment, well, he's still trying to kill me.

He never gives up! It's been pretty much at least an hour since we started this. Like, let go of it already, you're not going to get me!

The gods above must have heard me today, because Val (my nickname of Vlahd) got distracted and I had a chance to run.

And I almost forgot about Tom for a second.

"TOM!?" I yell, sounding desperate somehow. I run over to where I see him just lying there, not moving. I immediately check to see if he was still alive. His heart was slow, but going.

I could hear quiet breaths, and see his chest moving.

"My god, Tom, we gotta get out of here." I whisper, picking him up carefully and running as fast as I could away from there.


"Edd?" I hear Tom whisper. It'd been about 30 minutes. I had taken off that stupid visor that Tord had put on Tom so 1) I could see his whole face and 2) so Tord couldn't control him anymore.

It was good to see his face, even if it was bruised and bloody.

"Yeah, it's me." I assured him, "Don't worry."

"W-where are we?"

"Running through the streets of London."


"I'm kinda, sorta wanted by Tord right now."

"Oh. Wait- WHAT!?"

He turned his head to look at me. I can see he's still in pain, but he looked like he felt better than he had. His expression was shocked, scared, angry, and in pain all at the same time.

"Edd? Why? What happened?"

I started to tell him everything that had happened. He laughed at the part where that german kid gives me cookies on my way out.

"Me and Matt joked about that when we were wandering around Tord's base-thingy!" he chuckled, but stopped with a look on his face like he remembered something.

"Where even is Matt?" he said, looking up at me with small tears in his eyes, "The last time I saw him was when I first saw Tord after getting my visor. I-is he ok?"

I looked out into the distance and stopped running. I slid into an alleyway, and lay Tom down behind a dumpster.

"Edd? Where is he?"

"Tom, I-" I stopped myself, realizing what I was about to say, "I don't know."

I couldn't stop myself from leaning down and hugging him. He hugged back, and we had a moment.

Thinking about one of our closest friends, having no clue where he was, if he was hurt, or even dead!

The tears that we cried together, all three of us together and now, were signs that we cared about each other. That we loved each other. That we were family.

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