Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 6
Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 6 eddsworld stories

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chapter 6 of a story i wrote :3

Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 6

VI - Tom

"I am such a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great, you are such a fool to keep pretending that you're loving me....

"I don't know where I'm supposed to go, oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh-oh oh....

"I was such a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great, you were such a fool to keep pretending that you're loving me,

"Look in the mirror, I love that boy, don't hurt my dear, don't hurt my joy, oh, oh-oh...."

Matt's music was so familiar. But the voice, it couldn't be her's. No way. She went missing years ago. Her body was found, there was a funeral and everything. It sounded so recent. I couldn't be.

"Matt? Do you remember the girl's name?" I asked.

"Um, I think it was Kristin? Kiley? Oh, wait, it was Kristal!" Oh. Hell. NAW. It can't be!

"Kris. What. The. Hell. How is she alive?" I thought out loud.

"What? You know that girl?" Edd asked.

"Yeah. She supposedly died about 5 years ago."

"WHAT!? You mean, that girl? The one we saw? Is dead?" I nodded.

"Wow." Matt whispered.

The song switched back to the one it had been playing before, and I realised it was just another variation of the same song.


We had walked away from the cells to find ourselves at an exit.

"Well that's just a flat out trap." I said.

"Guys, we should still try it anyways." Matt replied calmly. He'd been much more calm since we had the music with us.

"Matt's right, Tom. Just try it first!" Edd agreed. I guess there was no way around it at that point. I opened the door to see an actual exit.


Matt almost set a foot out the door when the traps were triggered.


"Shut up and run, Tom." Edd remarked and grabbed me before I could get shot a second time. Jeez, I almost forgot about that.

We ran.



God, why is running something I'm used to at this point?


The choice to run straight was stupid.

I had a gut feeling about it.

As we ran, the doors got more and more security on them, and more and more soldiers started running after us. My steps were fueled with panic, and my tears were of fear and stress.

I was terrified we would be caught, and Tord would kill us.

Think positive, think positive....

C'mon! You'll live! You'll be fine!

You guys will be fine.

I hoped my thoughts were right.

We were risking our lives running from these people. I wished that we would lose them, and we would be able to leave peacefully. Like that would ever happen.

Tord had become merciless, crazy, more violent than he had ever been. No way would peace be a thought in his mind. Ever again. Not as long as he stayed like this.

I missed the old Tord, the nicer, more fun, funny one. Now he was a jerk who was trying to take over the world. Cliche villain stuff.

We kept running for a while. Some of the soldiers chasing us started to fall back, and others just passed out from plain exhaustion.

We eventually came to a dead end, and there was nowhere to run. I prayed that nobody would get hurt. That we would make it out alive. That life could one day return to normal.

Maybe one day, in another life, my prayers would be answered.

But definitely not this one.

A robotic arm told me that.


"Why do you 3 always run? Just stay put for once!" Tord's voice called over all the soldiers, "It's pointless! You know you're eventually going to get caught. So why still do it?"

"Red Leader, sir, should we take them back to the cells, or-?" The one with the eyebrows said. Paul, I think.

"No, no need. I'll do it on my own time. Now, where was-" He was cut off by a girl flying by on a chair. With a rocket attached. Shooting a pistol. Blasting music. All while standing.

"YEAH, BROTHER! LET'S GO! WHOOOOOOOOO!" she yelled over her music, "Oh, hey, guys."

"Wait- Kris? Is that you?" Matt asked. Tord turned around, and facepalmed.

"I told you to stop doing that! And what do you do? Do it even more obnoxiously! Put the pistol down, and leave." Tord yelled at the girl. It was the girl from the cells. Oh.

"Hell naw! This is way too fun! You're not the boss of this girl!" she yelled.

"I kind of am, though."

"Shut up."

"No! You shut up!"

"No you."

"Just leave."

She left.

"Now where was I?" Tord said, but we were gone. Ha! The girl somehow got us on her chair, and we escaped. Again!

"WHOOOOOOOOOO!" Matt yelled, with Edd dancing on the back. The girl continued to shoot her pistol, killing guards and soldiers.

"2 points!" she yelled each time. No worries about being caught, we were having too much fun. The music was so loud that furniture jumped with the bass line and people fell over.

We slammed through an exit, and we continued cruising through the streets. Best day ever.

"GET THEM!" an annoyed Tord yelled from the door. The girl pointed her pistol at him, and he sighed.

"Nevermind. We'll try again tomorrow." he said, defeated.

"How about not trying again? Good idea?" Edd yelled after him as we sped away. We all laughed at Tord's face as he stormed inside and slammed the door.

We were going at around 9 miles per hour at this point, and we sped past people so fast, they fell over.

"Hey, guys, it's open mic hour! Any songs y'all want?" the girl asked. I whispered something in her ear, and she laughed at what I said.

"Oh my god, I love that song!" she yelled over the roaring wind. And so she played it as we rode down the streets.

"I'M NO GOOD FOR YOU, THIS HEART AIN'T BUILT FOR 2, SO, RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY, 'CAUSE I'M NO, I'M NO, I'M NO GOOD FOR YOU!" we screamed. She went solo multiple times, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

No running, no hiding, just having fun. We didn't stop for anyone. But Tord's face came up on every screen we saw, yelling about us.

The girl smiled, and played the song he hated, his "weakness", as I called it, us screaming the words.

"Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,

"Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together!

"Brighter than a lucky penny,

"When you're near the rain just disappears, dear,

"And I feel so fine!

"Just to know that you are mine!

"My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,

"That's how this refrain goes,

"Come on, join in, everybody...." Our laughs trailed into the night as we sped away.

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