Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 4
Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 4 eddsworld stories

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chapter 4 of a story i wrote :3

Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 4

IV - Edd

"Ahh, Jehovah's Witness. Glad you made it!" Tord snarked, "And Matt, my failed soldier, why must you betray me? You just got settled in!"

"I have a name, stupid." Tom snapped, but was waved off.

"Red Leader, sir, I-I'm very sorry-" Matt stuttered, but was interrupted.

"Sorry. Doesn't. Cut. It. Okay? In the Red Army, there are no 'sorries' or 'my bads.' No mistakes. That's how I run this empire!" Tord bragged. I rolled my eyes, but Tom stood.

"Listen here, Commie. I don't want to deal with your bullcrap. Not today, not any day. Never." He winced in pain and grabbed his shoulder.

He continued his mini speech while sliding to the ground.

"We will never join this army by choice. Ever. No way in literal hell would we ever. And we-" Tom stopped sliding and collapsed onto the floor.

"TOM!" me and Matt yelled at the same time, "Oh my god, are you okay?"

"Yeah, guys, just I had a pain shot. I'm okay, really. I'll be fine." Tom responded. He didn't look okay. His face was pale, and his shoulder was bleeding more than it had been before.

How much blood had he lost?

But I had a new question.

"Hey, you diss them but not me? I'm the one who was wanted, running from arrest. I'm the one who deserves what you're doing to them." I said as calmly as possible.

Matt and Tom immediately comforted me and said it's not my fault I was wanted and that I didn't deserve horrible treatment. I gave them a "not right now" kind of a look and turned back to Tord.

"Ah, but you, Edd. I was giving it time for you to realise what we did to you." Tord smirked, and I looked down.

I was wearing one of the stupid soldier uniforms.

"W-what? Why?" I stuttered.

"Ah, but you 3 have worth to the Red Army, too, Edd. Your ability to run from all kinds of things will be a good tool to have under our belt."

"Well, if you're gonna make me a soldier, then let those 2 go."

"I'm afraid I can't. They have worth, as well. Matt, in a way that would scare me to share, and Tom, being Project Titan."

"Wait-what? What about Tom?"

"The monster he turns into? My doing."

"YOU DID THAT TO ME?!" Tom screamed from the other side of the room, "Why, you little-"

"Tom. Stop. Lay back down." Matt said in a protective tone.

"Well, soldiers, your duties start tomorrow. Ha det*!" Tord sneered, then left.


"Edd! Edd, wake up!" Matt's voice and someone shaking me woke me up.

"Huh? What's up?" I responded, still groggy with sleep.

"It's Tom. His pain is worsening."

"God, was he shot again?"

"No, it's just he's been getting random pain flashes, and they get worse as they go."

"My god...."

"He's going to live, which is what we want."

"Right. That's good."

I sat up, and as soon as I looked at Tom, I wanted to either find the nearest phone and call an ambulance or punch the nearest wall.

His face was almost white, and it looked wet, maybe from tears? Or maybe just water. He gripped his shoulder, and every so often he would wince in pain.

He looked at me, and he mouthed something. I went over to him, assuming that's what he wanted.

"Edd." he whispered, "If I die, live for me."

"Tom, you're going to live, trust me. You won't die."

"How do you know that?"

"Tom, we would never let you die. No way in hell." I hugged him, but in a way that wouldn't crush him. We had a little moment, and Matt joined the hug. These guys....

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