Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 3
Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 3 eddsworld stories

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chapter 3 of a story i wrote :3

Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 3

III - Tom

I woke up to the sound of a familiar voice. No, not Edd's. Who could it be? Wait. Is it-?

"MATT!" I nearly screamed, attacking him with a huge hug. He laughed, and I squeezed as hard as I could. I had slept for a while, and I never noticed that Edd had put my head on his lap.

"Shh, shh, only Paul and Patryck know about this! I can trust them. We kinda became friends. Calm down!" Matt shushed me and laughed.

We were acting like teenage girls, not 29- and 30-year-old men. I mentioned this to the other 2, and we had a good laugh.

We talked about what had happened while we were seperated from each other. I didn't have much to share, since I couldn't remember most things. I remember glimpses of things, but not all of it.

I shared these few things, and I realized how different we all looked for the first time while looking at my two closest friends of all time.

We had all changed in our own ways, small changes like Edd's beard and eyebags, or big ones, like Matt's new eye and chin. I sighed.

"Y'know, I missed you guys. A lot. And I'm glad that we're all here. Together." I said, smiling at them and hugging them close to me, "I love you guys."

"Aww, Tom! Stop breaking my heart!" Matt joked, though I could see him blushing.

"Love ya, too, man." Edd laughed with a slight tear in his eye, "If this is the last day we spend together, I'm glad it was like today"

"Edd, don't say that!" Matt cried. We laughed. A day like this is all I ever wanted. Just a day for us to sit together and talk.

"Matt's right. We're fighting until the end of this war. Nobody, not even the stupid commie that is Tord, is going to stop us!" I declared, trying to stand.

It didn't really work out.

"Tom! Are you ok?" Edd cried. He picked me up, seeing if I was ok.

"Chill, I'm fine, Edd!" I assured him. Matt got bandages from who knows where and started bandaging us up.

We thought of the past, the present, and future, and what they held, are holding and will hold.

We laughed at funny things we did, cried at sad memories, and smiled at what we hoped lay before us.

Apparently I was last to fall asleep. I was laying back, thinking Edd was awake and we were still in our conversation when I looked over and saw Edd and Matt snuggled up near each other.

I chuckled and decided to get some sleep of my own when 2 shadows fell on top of us. The last thing I saw was the fire of a lighter and a pistol being held to my shoulder.

I heard a gunshot, and I passed out.


I woke up on a cold floor. My head pounded harder than it had been before, and I barely managed to sit up. I screamed as pain shot through my shoulder when I tried to move my right arm.

"Tom? Matt?" Edd's voice called.

"Edd, I'm over here. I can't see anything." I called back.

"Guyys, I'm scaredddd." Matt whined from somewhere near me.

"We all are at this point, Ma-" I cut myself off when I heard sobs.

"This is all my fault, guys. I trusted 2 of Tord's closest allies. I was the one who got us into this mess." Matt sobbed, "If one of us deserves to die, it's me."

"Matt, hey, this isn't your fault. Well, entirely. It's also our fault. We ran. We hid. We picked a terrible hiding spot. They would have found us either way.

" Edd comforted Matt from a closer distance now. The room blinked, and the lights were turned on. I took a good look at my shoulder now, and I was terrified of what I saw.

The bullet hole was at least 8 centimeters long, and was bleeding rapidly. The hand I was using to try and cover it up was soaked in blood, making it feel sticky.

I looked terrible compared to Edd and Matt. They only had minor cuts and bruises, while I had a BULLET HOLE. The 2 of them noticed, and Matt whipped out his emergency bandages.

He bandaged it up, and it felt a little better.

"Thanks, Matt. Are you guys ok?" I asked. I was worried about them, not me.

"Yeah, but are you ok? You have a hole in your shoulder!" Edd yelled.

"Guys, I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"YES! Calm down!"


"G-guys...." Matt's voice called out to us, and I turned around to see a bright purple light.

"Oh, hello, Commie."

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