Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 2
Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 2 eddsworld stories

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chapter 2 for i story i wrote :3

Alternative Betrayal - An Eddsworld - The Beginning and the Friend Short Story - Chapter 2

II - Matt

I woke up with a groan. My vision was blurry, but I'm able to make out a person standing outside my "room." That's what Tord called it at least.

It's actually just a bigger jail cell than he normally has for prisoners. I'm happy to see that the person behind the bars isn't Tord, but annoyed to see that it's that german kid again. Bleugh.

He's really annoying, and he tries to keep me happy for some reason. I think Tord's paying him to annoy me.

"Guld morning, Mattew! Haow are you?" he said in his annoying accent. I rolled my eyes - Well, eye. My robotic eye doesn't roll. - and sighed.

"Just fine. Now can you leave me alone?" I snapped. He looked hurt for a second, but he went back to his normal self in a few seconds.

"Red Leader wants to speak wit you." he said, "Come."

I followed him, but I thought about the reasons Tord would want to see me this time. Hmm....

"We are here!" the kid said before I could even think. It startled me, and I jumped. I looked at the door I had seen many, many times. I sighed and went in.

"Aahh, Matt. Glad to see you." a voice from the back of the room called. I froze, having heard that tone again and again.

"H-hello, Red Leader." I stuttered. Tord's face came out from the shadows, and since I'd seen it so many times, I'd gotten used to how bad it looks.

"Do you have an idea as for why I called you in here?"

"N-no, sir."

"I expected nothing less. You see, Project Titan and our most wanted are 'reunited' again. Ugh. They're out there somewhere, and we need our best men on the job.

I'm only putting you on search duty because you can easily trick them into coming here for their arrest." Tord explained. But I didn't care about most of what he said.

I only cared about 2 things he said. Edd and Tom were alive, and I was on duty to search for them.

"Matt? Hello? Earth to Matthew Hargreaves?" Tord said, waving his robotc hand in my face. I snapped back into reality and looked straight at Tord.

"Sir, I'm ready for duty. My work is your command"

I nearly broke my straight face when I saw Tord's reaction. He had a look of pleasure, horror, and craze on his face.

"Uh, ok, Paul, take Matt to his station." he said, looking on edge. Paul walked over to me and winked.

He had told me about this, and he was willing to help me get back to Edd and Tom on one condition. That we would take Tord down all together.

I accepted, of course, and we got our plan into action. He brought me to a really good spot for looking over the whole city, and got to his station with Patryck.


It'd been hours. There was no sign of those 2. I looked over at Paul and Pat, and they were motioning for me to come over. I started to run, and I never regret that.

They pointed down, and I saw them. Tom was laying in Edd's lap, and Edd was looking seemingly at nothing, stroking Tom's hair. I grabbed my rope and threw it down to them, quickly climbing down.

Paul and Pat smiled at me, gave me a thumbs up, and went back to "looking for them."

"Guys? It's me!" I whisper-called. Edd looked up, and I saw tears form in his eyes.

"Matt? I-is that you?" he whispered.

"Yeah, it's me!"

"Then get over here and hug me, you idiot!"

I ran over to him and gave him the hardest hug I could muster without crushing him.

"Oh, what's this?" I said, looking at his slight stubble.

"Heh, no time to shave when you're saving the world!" I laughed.

"Is Tom ok?" I glanced down at Tom on Edd's lap.

"Yeah, just bruises now"

"That's good. What even happened?"

"Hard to explain."

"Oh." I looked down.

Tom stirred, and opened his eyes. He saw me, and attacked with a huge hug. I laughed, and smiled. I missed these guys.

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