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Share Your Short Stories And Poetry In Seconds

Type some text or paste some past work, add a few images, and voila! Your work is available across our app, website, and more! One of the fastest ways to share your writing online and keep your online fans happy, even when you're busy! You keep the rights on your creations!

"Commaful is a great story writing platform which is quick and easy for those that like to write in between their busy lives! It's quick and easy to make a story and the support from the community makes it all worthwhile! 😊"


Join A Supportive Community And Get Feedback

Interact with readers, writers, and fans! We strive to keep the community a positive and safe space for creators of all backgrounds and experience levels. We know that it can feel scary to share your works online and we want to support you! The community includes beginning creators to international award-winning writers.

"It’s this really pleasant community of writers who support and actually give back feedback on any work you post. I’ve been there for almost 7 months now and of all my poetry posts, I’ve never gotten one negative comment. I’ve never seen a negative comment on the site period."


Be Part of The Multimedia Storytelling Movement

Multimedia storytelling has been called "the future of fiction." Commaful is the largest site dedicated to multimedia storytelling and multimedia fiction. The site allows you to easily add visuals to create a beautiful multimedia story. By creating on Commaful, you'll be part of a movement in the future of storytelling.

"Multimedia fiction is a big trend because the visual nature makes stories relatable to a much wider audience, especially in a world where everybody is on Snapchat and Instagram."

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Reach a Big Audience With The World's First Automatic Story Trailers

Turn your writing into "trailers" that share perfectly into any social media! Commaful automatically makes short video clips and photosets of your stories that can be shared directly to your fans on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more at the tap of a button. Trailers are designed to look amazing and help your stories reach the most people possible!


Build Your Audience

Commaful stories reach millions of people every month. Creators have built large audiences of passionate readers simply by sharing their works! Watch your following grow as more and more people fall in love with your creations!