Using LinkedIn to find mentors

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Using LinkedIn to find mentors

When I first started on LinkedIn, it was easy

I was a junior in High School and everybody wanted to help high school students

I used LinkedIn Answers

This is a discontinued feature that I used ALL the time. You ask questions and professionals answer you. As a high school student, this made me pretty popular

I'd ask a lot of questions

How to take advantage of high school? What career path would I be good for? And the answers rolled in. Many reached out to try to be a mentor

At USC, my strategy changed

LinkedIn answers was gone, but the USC network was here

Look for alumni in your field

USC had a strong, loyal alumni base. LinkedIn search made it REALLY easy. Just search for a job title and click your school under the school filter

Hit them with a personalized email or message

Emails are easy to find nowadays. Do you research and explain BRIEFLY why they should spend some time with you. Mention commonalities that you have.

Thank them for their time

No matter if they have the time to help you or not, thank them. Everybody is busy.

Post College

Leverage events!

Finding alumni still works

But since you can't say you're a student, it's harder to get them to say yes. Events tend to be a better way

Alumni events, industry events, conferences

Alumni events are great because you get a diverse background. I always choose conferences and events carefully. Know who shows up and why

Go into every event with a plan

What's your goal for the event? Why? Start with a goal and go achieve it.


The most powerful way to find a mentor is through an intro. People who know you best also know who might be a great mentor for you.

LinkedIn tells you your mutual connections

Just search and filter for 2nd degree connections.

Mentors have been a magical part of my life

I hope they will be part of yours too!

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@sydney Thanks for writing this up! I think LinkedIn has been very useful for me as a student. By using the student card, my cold-emailing success rate has gone up exponentially! From my perspective, leverage the power of being a student :).

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@slisam thanks for the suggestion :) Do you have any tips to add?