Nov 1 2015 Change Log
Nov  1 2015 Change Log stories
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rchverifiedFan of punctuation
Autoplay OFF  •  2 years ago
Here's our security report for anyone to see! and yep, URLs autoconvert to links now in story descriptions (this) and all comments.

Nov 1 2015 Change Log

Fiddlesticks, I've missed a few days of this already. Also happy daylight savings

See Profile pages & Follow folks

You can FOLLOW people to see their latest creations. Wow, very network.

Raised security of webservers

Scored an A on's security test! POODLE and Heartbleed secure! (Proof/Link in description)

Speaking of links... You can click on them!

Thanks for the suggestions! I guess it should've been obvious.

No more double commenting by accident

- Accidently double commenting: not good, unlike double rainbows - Comment box should also clear on submission

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rchVerifiedFan of punctuation
2 years agoReply
This comment deleted itself from the textarea after I submitted it (bugfix)