Brilliant and Crazy
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The line is so fine between people who are brilliant (like Einstein, Edison, and Galileo) and those labeled "crazy"

Brilliant and Crazy

The fine line between brilliance and crazy

People are crazy when they challenge the norms

When the world believes one thing and they talk about another. When they are right, they are geniuses. When they are wrong....

When crazy is right.

We get great people (Galileo, Thomas Edison) and great companies (AirBnb, Uber, )

When it's wrong....

Oh, it's that crazy guy predicting the "End of the World"...again.

The impact of crazy, however, is important

Crazy leads to innovation. Crazy means thinking outside the box. It means being before our time.

We need to remove the negative stigma

People should be encouraged to have "stupid ideas" and go into the realm of "crazy thoughts." That's where true innovation lies.

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