Why the "Jack of All Trades" is actually the Master

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Why the "Jack of All Trades" is actually the Master

(at least in a startup)

You will never have one role in a startup

Even as a "social media intern"

If you can design, hack, and hustle...you are a Unicorn

You can pivot faster if you have a diverse skillset

Lastly, try to be a "T"

Be really good at one thing, but have knowledge and basic skills in almost everything

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@lalgsw To my understanding pivoting is when you start something, determine that it is not working, and then take some of what you built and apply it to something new. Therefore if you have a diverse skill set you would be able to roll out a new product faster as one person could tackle more. I do see your point though as I think someone who is a "jack of all trades" could iterate faster as well.

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Pivoting faster may not be what you mean. Iterating probably? That just requires programming skills and being able to interview users right? I agree with the overall premise though

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Great post David :) Reid Hoffman talks a lot about the split between generalists and specialists in a startup. The startup has to be pretty big before specialists are worth while hires at all. The generalists do still tend to have some sort of super power though.