Story Ideas and Writing Prompts

Coming up with story ideas and battling writer's block are big issues for writers of all experience levels. We've all experienced days where the ideas and creative juices just aren't flowing. Writing prompts can be extremely useful for those situations. Whether you are writing poetry or horror, the below story ideas will come in handy! If you like writing stories, join one of the largest short story communities online by signing up.

Ridiculous Storylines

  • Pigs grow wings and begin to fly
  • Army of kittens starting a rebellion
  • Your social media pages are haunted
  • Socks are abducted by washing machines and start a revolution
  • Teens traveling through history to write a book report
  • Man wins lottery and ruins his life
  • A kid designs a real lightsaber
  • Phones learn so much about us that they control our minds
  • Evil villain tries to ban tacos

Personal Questions

  • Write about a time you felt scared.
  • What was your first kiss like?
  • Write about a big fight you had.
  • Write about your first dance.
  • What was your favorite childhood memory?
  • What was your most embarrassing moment?
  • Write about your childhood friends.
  • Write about your latest daydream.
  • Write about your craziest memory.

Generic Prompts

  • Write a story that starts with the word "Please"
  • Write a story about great minds.
  • Write a story where the main character is a professor.
  • Write a story about positivity.
  • Write about war and peace.
  • Write about escaping a fire.
  • Write abour running away from home.
  • Write about confidence.
  • Write about a piece of jewelry.

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